Hey Chris Matthews et. al: "Shut The Hell Up!"

While making breakfast this morning, Mr. N had the television on. Chris Matthews and gang were (attempting) to engage in some political dialogue. The topic of discussion? Male sexuality, compliments of ousted NY Governer Spitzer (which is ridiculous, especially considering there's speculation as to whether this is the real reason he was ousted--something I was suspicious of from the start). Why do men cheat, they wanted to know. Chris had his input. The women surrounding him had their input. Words of "testosterone" and "power" and "control" were running rampant. After a few minutes I finally screamed "ENOUGH!!!" This is news?? Enough of the tabloid crap. So two consenting adults had sex. Big flipping deal. Ok, so one was married. Again, SO WHAT. At least it's no big deal to the rest of us. Some big wig political figure has sex with someone other than his wife, other than her husband. Who cares?

Wanna talk about people doing "bad things" sexually? Let's talk about the children who are kidnapped and sold into mind-control slavery and sexual bondage by these political and business criminals. (Anyone else ever wonder why millions of children go "missing" every year, the numbers growing?)

Instead of filling up air time with such ridiculous fluff, let's talk about our dying Republic. Let's talk about this recession bordering on depression economic situation. Let's talk about our corrupt Federal Reserve. Manipulated markets. Let's talk about this ridiculous attempt to revitalize the greenback by making more of it. Let's talk about the criminals in the world of politics and business. Let's talk about how our land and people are being raped, abused and sold to the highest bidder all for profit.

I know I'm beating the proverbial "dead horse" here, but good lord, are people really listening to this stuff?? Are people really wanting to know the details of some adult's sexual affair? If so, PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION!

Don't watch these folks. It only encourages them.

Even though I had not made my appearance in this realm during his on-air "reign", I sure long for the days of someone like Edward R. Murrow. I long to see a journalist, a real journalistic, really speak to you and I through the television airwaves. I long to see a journalist take a news story and pick it apart, anaylze it, ask the tough questions, offer up an analysis. They exist in independent, small markets to some degree, but we all know they're nowhere to be found on mainstream television.

Oh sure, some news stories are privy to "journalistic" commentary. Why, just last night, I heard one of our local Eugene "journalists" give commentary on two baby goats who were named after the Blue Angels. Brilliant commentary, too. "They're so cute!"

Wow. Blow my mind. Bravo!

Of course I realize these pseudo-journalists are heavily monitored (censored) in what they can and cannot say. If someone broke out into a dialogue along the lines of Murrow, you can bet a commercial would appear immediately on your screen and that brave individual would likely be fired. However, maybe that's what we need. Journalists with some spine. Courage.

It brings out the urge to strike out with others and create our own news hour through public television. Casual style. A return to the days of Murrow. In-depth analysis and commentary. No fluff. Strictly News. News and analysis you won't hear on those other stations.

Give me a camera and some recording equipment. I'm ready to roll!

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Anonymous said...

The only people more contemtable than the lazy, self serving fat asses we have "leading" this country ..are the ego blabs -who are not reporters, they are script readers- who feel compelled to infor when in fact they only entertain..and that badly..If you have never heard Don Henly's song about them ..You misseed the best rant about their sorry asses ever