Corvallis and Albany Job Facts

Visited with a local agency today, seeking job search assistance. Found out some facts that will likely discourage but perhaps validate today's job seeker.

Health Care is the fastest growing field.

40% of employers require bilingual skills. (I'll let you guess the two languages.)

There is a glut of applicants seeking clerical and office jobs. Unless you're highly skilled in numerous computer applications, you may want to rethink about applying for these jobs.

If you have a high school diploma, you should be making $500/week. College degree? $960/week. (I can hear the laughter as I type.)

Construction jobs are difficult to fill. (While I'm not desiring to dig ditches, I was told not to rule it out.)

Trying to get me to rethink my goals, I was told the field I'm interested in studying and going into has a glut of employees in the area. Most of them volunteer.

Well, that's where I differ, I said. I plan on charging people.

Somehow that attempt at humor went unnoticed.

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longryder said...

Corvallis....Albany...OMG...I was born in that groovy little burg near OSU..Lebanon..scary,huh?