More Radiation Concerns Over Cell Phone Use

France says no more than six minutes of usage for children. Makes me wonder about the vast number of college students I see here in town who are glued to their phones.

Frankly, I say we get rid of the cell phones altogether. We don't need them. They're simply a convenience. They give off harmful radiation, create EMF fields that negatively impact us all. They require those god-awful cell phone towers emitting all sorts of wonderful, environmentally and human "friendly" fields, plus they have created a huge crop of addicts, whose social behaviors are nothing short of deplorably rude. Then there's the person who comes to your home to visit and spends more of their time monitoring and talking on their cell phone than they do in talking with you. At one point we had a "cell phone free zone--please turn it off before entering" sign on our front door. And need I mention the talk-and-drive crowd who endanger us all?

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