Doing Something Different For A Change...

I wrote up a long post yesterday, airing my grievances at this and that. Something in me said "wait" before I hit the pause button, and yet rather than listen to that voice, I listened to the "fuck it, post it" voice. I can't help but think of those Looney Tunes Cartoons that had the little devil and angel on opposing sides of the animal's head. "Be good." "No. Be baaaad." Or in my case, spread Love or spread fear.

I ended up choosing Love and a little while later, deleted the post.

I go through these cycles where I discipline myself to think new thoughts. It's really the purest form of Self Empowerment I know. No one but me, controlling how I think and thus how I feel. I'm starting to understand that this is the best tool we each have in resisting the ever-growing Police State, that is if you look at this situation from a perspective of Energy and how all matter is simply focused Energy. An empowered citizen is oh so much more difficult to control than a frightened citizen. Everything is at a vibrational state. I used to think that was bunk until I began to (quite accidentally actually) zone out on the towels in my bathroom. My eyes and mind relaxed, not intentionally focusing on anything, I began to see the towel in these waves. Since that time, I've seen/experienced this in other "solid" objects such as pictures, walls and blankets. 20 years ago or so someone said something that has stuck in my mind ever since. He was looking at a coffee table and saying if he really believed, if he really knew and focused, he could literally put his hand through the table.

My first lesson in Physics. At least maybe the most important one.

Thoughts are energy. Really think about that. Those thoughts we think, they vibrate within and outside of us. They can cause disease and disharmony within and without. And I know the more I focus on the ugly and dismal, the more this shows up in my reality. I've known this for some time, but I still backslide and get lost in the, well, ugly and dismal. A lot of times this happens when I read news stories online. I want to stay informed, and yet, what purpose does it serve me or the world if by becoming informed, I lower my vibrations because I sink into states of fear, anger, apathy? Maybe rather than mindlessly reading these stories, I can use them as information to remind myself how important it is to remain focused on thoughts that create love instead of thoughts that create fear. Thoughts that empower instead of disempower. Call 'em Love waves and fear waves.

It is easy to slide back into that familiar groove. It's challenging to get out of it. But it's all habit--something that changes with repetition. And thankfully, when I allow myself to slide back into that groove, I don't stay as long as I once did. Actually, I have myself to thank for that and those who I attract into my life to remind me of what I already know.

So, rather than post something dismal, I thought I'd post something that came in my e-mail box today. Not to stick my head in the sand, as that's not my intention. Just doing something different today for a change. It's something I've been subscribed to for a few years. "Notes From The Universe". Or call it "Notes From Your Eternal Self." Same thing, IMO. In a nutshell, it reaffirms something we all already know--deep within. Maybe buried for some, but hopefully, it is becoming more known to us all. (The bolding is my doing.)

Help me with the lingo here. Are people just kidding when they refer to the "holy land," "holy words," and "holy people," as if they were somewhere else?

Or do they understand that there's no land holier than that beneath them? That no words are mightier than those they choose? And that no one, ever, has been more divine and revered and deserving of their heart's desires, than they now are?

I do declare,
The Universe


tkn said...

Well stated.

Indeed, all phenomena are energy in one form or another. Which is highly indicative of the interconnection of all things.

I first noticed I was different in 6th or 7th grade when I'd get up in the morning and just sit on my bed and stare at nothing in particular for minutes on end. I think I was meditating without knowing it. During those meditations was when I started thinking about mortality and the reality of life.

Then there was the epiphany on an LA highway when I finally got tired of being pissed off and stressed out about being in traffic and when I simply chose to feel happy, it worked! I smiled and couldn't stop for quite some time. I wanted to stop the car and get out and hug people.

I was just surfing through some conservative blogs. Talk about depressing. Thanks for a great post to lift my spirits.

Must sleep now...

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

I love those moments, where you feeeel the connection to all and want to hug everyone you see. I had that happen at the bank yesterday. The young man wasn't looking at me during the transaction, something I am starting to notice. This lack of eye-to-eye connection during transactions. I felt this sadness, but then I stopped that train of thought and instead looked at him and felt the love in my heart. I oh so much wanted to give him a hug, but instead as he handed me my receipt I thanked him and wished him a wonderful day. He still never looked at me, but hopefully he picked up on my vibes.

That's so cool you began to notice your zoning out at a young age. I've read where we do it automatically throughout the day, only we often mistake it as fatigue, when it's really just the mind's desire to let the intuition take over. I've always zoned out, I just never thought it was something ethereal. I never noticed it--in fact, I thought it was something bad. In my mind, if you aren't being productive, you're being lazy. So damn silly and unnecessary a thought!