Spin The Big Wheel For Health Insurance!

I'm sure most of you have heard by now that the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is holding a lottery. Lucky registrants, when selected, get to apply. Enrollment has been closed since 2004.

Federal Poverty Guidelines are up this year, too, which means more people are eligible. However, don't get those hopes up too much. Federal Poverty Guidelines are pathetically low. For example, for a family of 2, your monthly income, before taxes, can be no more than $1167.00 in order to qualify. With one bedroom apartments running between $500-$600/month, skyrocketing fuel and food costs, I would add the term "Extreme" between Federal and Poverty.

Mr. Nina and I are one of the millions who make "too much money" to qualify. However, we are also unable to afford a private plan. We had to cancel our policy this month. The premium's have become too expensive.

For the 2008 Poverty Guidelines, check out this link.

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