I Wonder If I Could Get Away With Something Like This...

I love the irony of life sometimes. As I posted in my previous entry about employer's growing demands that employees are perfect little robots, I thought about the article's other point, about e-mail addresses. Avoid the cutsie/offensive e-mail addresses when applying for a job. Ok, so that one's a no-brainer. However, I once again thought "What about employer's respond-to e-mail addresses? Why not advice for employer's to make themselves look credible as well?"

Apparently this doesn't apply. Honest to all there is, I just viewed a position for a local employer with the e-mail reply-to address as: bitemebill

Does this mean I can apply, and make a good impression, with an e-mail address of fuckoff or ilovevodka?

Let's turn this into a game. Reply with an e-mail address you would really like to use to potential or current employers.

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