Minimum Wage

This increase in Minimum Wage over the past 5 years or so hasn't done a damn thing to increase those wages slightly above the minimum. I still see the same damn employers advertising for the same damn positions at the same damn wages. Year after year.

And that's a problem.

And as usual, I have some answers.

Do away with the minimum wage altogether and establish a living wage in which the government will determine what the Cost of Living is for a particular city or town and as such, set a living wage that will cover these costs. The more people in the household, the more that wage increases.

Establish something like that and/or else make the first $30,000 in income tax-free, both state and federal. Return to the days where the elite and the big corporations pay their god damn fair share.

Of course these ideas don't address the increases in housing and insurance. I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't support some sort of regulation on the housing market, but then again I may be wrong. For it would be enlightening to see people stop looking at "what the market dictates" and instead focus on what their heart dictates. As an example, we met someone who rented a place from an elderly woman here in town. A house. A nice one. 3 bedroom. All for only $600/month. This woman could obviously charge almost double that, but instead, she isn't into the greed mentality. She isn't out to take advantage of people.

A rarity in today's competitive world. And a breath of fresh air.

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