Artist Promotion

Mr. N has a customer whose son is marketing his first demo CD. The young man's name is Derek Cate. The father brought Mr. N a copy of his son's demo cd, who brought it home. I popped it into the cd player and listened. He has a really good voice. Kinda raspy in a heart-felt way. The style is light, acoustic, country with a bit of pop. I don't really want to critique the music simply because everyone has their own preference and what is music and beauty to one is noise and nothingness to another. That being said, I liked what I heard. It was easy on my ears and heart. It's the kind of music that makes me think about the people in my life, of lost loves, of possibilities and dreams broken and realized.

Support the independent artist. This one's local, too. His name is Derek Cate. Check out his CD on his myspace page. And while you're at it, we have another local, independent artist, Dan Crall, promoting his CD as well. Check out his blog here FMI. His material is unique and unlike anything you will hear on a compilation CD. The sounds of life is how I would describe it.

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