Monday Musings On Health, The System and Those Who Are Different Than Us.

Went to the doctor today. I saw a pamphlet for a stress control system. The opening marketing headline? "Life can be brutal...Why suffer?"


"Life" can be brutal? "Life" is a benign, neutral source. I see such head-in-the-sand marketing slogans on all sorts of health-related products. Western-trained Medical Professional's often promote the detached "life is difficult" mantra. That way we don't have to really look deep within the heart to determine what the patient is really needing. That way we don't have to look within our own consciousness to determine and understand the insanity of a System that uses people for profit and very destructive thirsts for control.

Let's at least be honest.

"Life" isn't brutal. The People who have created our current profit-before-human worth and dignity is what's brutal. The People who have created our cartel-based global business scenario is what's brutal. And all of those well-meaning but still unawake people who work for and/or wholeheartedly support these very Systems are contributing to the continual brutality.

Today, my doctor, who is both Western and Eastern trained, while advising me some more alternative remedies, was still quick to push the pharmaceutical approach first and foremost (drugs which are addictive and toxic). Big Pharma would have been proud of my doctor. My mind-controlled doctor who has been told disease is to be managed. I put a quick stop to my doctor's thought process when I said I am here asking for your assistance to REVERSE. HEAL. CURE. Not just manage symptoms.

I know of so many people and read so many stories of folks who have this or that disease. Whose bodies are out of harmony. And oh so many are on some damn drug, created by Big Pharma whose one and only goal is profit and who count on us being sick, some damn drug promoted by the FDA who refuses to look into alternative therapies and instead only promotes the Big Pharma barrel of toxicity.

Even those who are educated in more alternative therapies still often fail to acknowledge the needs of their patients. Those needs that go beyond "can you please fix my boo boo". Those universal needs of Love. Compassion. Respect. Cherished and cared for.

I believe to the core of Who I Am and All That I Feel and All That I Simply Know that our bodies weren't designed to be ill. Our bodies are designed to be productive, to be healthy, to be in alignment and in harmony with our surroundings. But given our surroundings are oh so out of harmony with our bodies, with our needs, due to the pollutants in our food, water, air, soil, with noise pollution, with our inability to be at peace with those who are different than we are, with the mind-control/brain washing we receive about who we are SUPPOSED to be from the church, schools, media, family, friends....these folks who are only continuing the cycle because THEY were subjected to the same lies....it's an endless cycle of abuse we heap upon one another and ourselves. And yet it's a cycle that can be stopped. Now. If only we would choose to do so.

Breathe. Be with who you are. Get to know yourself. Get to know what you need.

Accept those who don't think as you do. Who look different. Who go to a different church. Who belong to a different political party. Who have different sexual habits. Different eating habits. Who drive different vehicles. Who live in bigger or smaller houses than you do.

True freedom is the right to do whatever one wishes as long as we aren't imposing our will upon another. (An example of this is the family member of mine who tried for close to two years to convert me. Against my will. I finally said they had a choice--a relationship with me or to push their religious agenda on me. Thankfully love was chosen for the conversion attempts ended.)

True peace means we can be in the same space with someone who is utterly different than we are on all of the earthly levels and still be at peace with ourselves and with the other individual. (An example of this is a conversation I had with someone who is of a different political party than I am and who voted for our current president. I could have pushed the conversation until a heated exchange resulted, but instead I decided to just sit with the knowledge of our political differences. I focused instead on peace. On their worth. Their beauty. Our common connection. If all else fails, choose to eat ice cream together. Or even give an unsolicited hug. And mean it. "I disagree with you, but I still honor you and your belief nonetheless." Imagine the result of a movement like that!)

No, life is not brutal. We make it so. And we can break the cycle. Together. One person at a time.

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