Stewpid Shit and Mindless Ramblings

In my e-mail box this morning is advice on taking certain supplements to combat fatigue. I'm taking 4 of the 5. Does this mean I'm destined to battle this fatigue and mental fog for good? Or at least until the fucking insane crooks running the establishment stop poisoning our water, our food, stop pumping out all of these excessive microwave and EMF fields, stop the chem. spraying, stop running the system on profit only, etc. etc

The faces of McCain, Obama and Clinton blare at me as I get online. I want to see this? I am blind enough to actually think a new president is gonna change things? Don't think so.

Another day facing the realities of the job market. Another day knowing I'm under-skilled and too old to compete with a 20 year old. I'm up against a younger generation who has a lot more skills than I do. That and no facial lines.

As I type I can only think "I didn't sign up for any of this".

Why is it toenails and fingernails are benign when attached, but once you trim them, they suddenly become gross and untouchable?

Same thing goes for hair.

Got family stopping by for Easter. I don't celebrate the holiday. Family knows that. But they still insist on assuming I'm doing something special. If by special they mean preaching to the world about the lies associated with the biblical Jesus and the entire religious scam, then sure, I'm doing something special. Maybe I'll paint a few easter eggs, put the faces of those who have lied to us all on them and throw 'em at the fence. It shall be known as the Real Resurrection.

My smart-ass quality isn't making my life any better, so I'll close up for now.

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