A Different Way

Responding to a comment left on my previous post, I was inspired to think about the idea of a world without money. A system where money wasn't necessary.

Kinda like the hobbits. Everyone just helps out one another. The community grows its own food. Life revolves around maintaining the garden, the home, communing with one another, communing with nature, eating, relaxing, celebrating. It's a life filled with activity, but gone are the days of rugged individualism, of "working for the man".

A self-contained community driven by bartering. Solar-powered homes for energy. Well water for drinking/bathing. Bikes and Electric scooters for transport. Take some of that old-world living and add in today's technology. Endless possibilities--if you believe anything is possible. Which it is.

I would not dare insist this to be the one and only way for all. But it is indeed a way of life I would oh so very much like to create with others. At least give it a try.

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