Some Cool Lyrics

Written by yours truly over the years. This means they're mine. You cannot post them elsewhere or use them without my permission. (Gotta add that cause I've seen a couple of my blogs posted at other websites, with no mention of ownership. Blog posts, I'm not that picky about. My lyrics though, altogether different story. ) Enjoy!

Do I appear invisible to you.
Do you even care that I exist you.
I'm really not so different from you.
You know it's true.
Just look in the mirror.
And you will see
me staring back
at you
through the same eyes.

(from the piece "Invisible", 2001)

Happiness isn't something you search for
but rather found in everyday moments.
Don't let life pass you by
without knowing this.

(from "Life", 2002)

Is a crime.
You're a terrorist.
If you step outta line.
Put your faith in us.
So we can think for you.

(from "Wake Up", 2004)

I place my sword
on the ground.
The desire to fight
is gone.
I just want the earth to catch me
when I fall.

(from "Surrender", 2003)

Isn't it a shame
why we we hurt each
the way we do.
Turning a blind eye
when it's easy.

(from "Reach", 2003)

We're all told
growin' up.
We can have what we want if we work
hard enough.
And yet I look around
and what do I see.
People workin' hard
and livin' in poverty.
One world divided.

(from "One World Divided", 2002)

Corruption's ignored
while war's the way.
There'll be nothing left
when our kids come of age.
Oh no, not in my name.

Insanity's the name of the game.
We run from the truth
when it's in front of our eyes.
Life was never meant to be this way.
Let's unite as one
and create a new day.

(from "Not In My Name", 2007)

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tkn said...

great lyrics. I hope to hear them being sung some day soon.