Swindling America: The Banking "Bailout". A Little Analogy.

You don't need to be a parent to appreciate this analogy.

Parents of little Johnny notice Johnny has gotten into the habit of sticking his hand in the family's piggy bank, taking the families money, and rather than spending it on the family as it is designed to do, spends it on himself. Does mummy and daddy stand in the other room, away from little Johnny and say things like "I am very disturbed by this behavior" or "Maybe we need more oversight into the hand dipping."

Of course not.

If mummy and daddy are responsible parents they take the piggy bank away and make Johnny pay back the money he stole. And they certainly don't give him another piggy bank or more money to put into the piggy bank.

Congress' attempt to convince you and I of their disgust towards how the banks have handled their little taxpayer bonus, er, "bailout", should be prodding each of us awake.

Fully awake.

While the MSM gushes over Obama's supposed show of anger he expressed towards the irresponsibility's of the banks a couple of weeks ago, folks like myself (who saw no anger--just a figurehead with a pretty smile doing a poor acting job of behaving as though he were angry) seethe inside, knowing these puppets are bought and paid for BY the very banks which with they're supposedly so angered. Look in the eyes of people who see the bailout for the scam-of-the-century that it was and is. That is anger. Not this ridiculous crap we're seeing. I heard one woman from the Senate Finance Committee on Rachel Maddow tonight who called the bankers idiots. Oooh, such tough talk. Yep, that's going to impress me.

Please. The bankers are brilliant (although put them out into the real world and they would probably start to resemble an idiot). They knew what they would do with that money all along. They pulled off the greatest financial swindle in U.S. history and our fearless government leaders have continued to give them the green flag while pandering in front of media camera's to the American people in an attempt to sell us of their anger.

They haven't sold this American. And if you're aware and awake, they haven't sold you either.

This country belongs to the people, not the bankers. This land belongs to you and me, not the bankers. Time for the piggy bank to be returned to its rightful owners.

You And Me.

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