Go To Food Bank. Eat A Bite of Moldy Food. Spit It Out. Pray You Don't Get Sick.

Really, need I say anything more than this?

I opened up a can of soup (which showed an expire date of 2010), took a bite and about threw up. Molded chicken.

My conspiratorial, distrustful mind observed: if they wish to reduce the population at the bottom, what better way than to poke holes in the canned food items.


Who the hell knows.

If this had been my first experience with crappy and/or otherwise inedible food, I would let it go. But it isn't. I've already addressed this with the head of Linn Benton Food Bank. My concerns have shown no evidence of being addressed. Time to write a letter to the head of CSC. And no more visits to these "get crap for free" food banks. I'll grow my own damn food.

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