On Being Sickie-Pooh

I'm borrowing the phrase "sickie-pooh" from my dad, a term he used during my childhood when one of us in the household wasn't feeling well. It was I who was sick, uh, "sickie-pooh" late last week and into this week, today being the first day I felt human enough to venture out. It was sort of like coming out of a cave, seeing the light of day for the first time after a winter's hibernation.

You walk out. Hey, the world's still here, you think, shielding your eyes from that old friend the sunshine. Everything seems more vibrant. And louder.

In truth, the only reason I ventured out today was due to the fact that Mr. Nina is now sick with the same virus. He's just entering the forest. I, on the other hand, am coming out of the woods, although I'm still carrying the bags of fatigue and that ragged cough with me (the cough that causes people to look at you with a sense concern--for themselves).

When I'm sick, I take things for granted. Things like being able to sleep through the night, being able to breathe with my mouth closed. My appetite. Until yesterday, I didn't have one, so I had to force myself to eat. My diet consisted mostly of water, tea and soup. Last night though, my stomach said NEED MORE so I added ham, biscuits and a root beer float (not together, mind you). And even at that, the tummy still said "NEED MORE".

It was a joy to eat.

I used to hear men and women experience illness differently. I didn't believe this until I married this husband of mine. When I'm sick, I pretty much just want to be left alone. I ride out the storm until I am well again, doing my best to avoid the pharmaceuticals (other than the vap-o-rub). Mr. Nina on the other hand has a little issue with acceptance. He won't admit the virus has won until he's well into the feeling-like-crap stage. Until that time he'll push himself, insist on doing everything himself, butt in when I'm making him something to insist 'he can do it he's not sick'.

And then once the virus has announced "I'm here to stay white man", he goes into the whine mode.

Endless phrases like "honey I don't feeeeeeeeeel well" and "I haaaaaate being sick" are heard. And worse even it is when it is a virus I too have had, for then I am asked endless questions like "honey when you had this did your eyes water" and "honey when you had this did your ears hurt".

On and on and on.

I was tapped out on patience today so I replied to those questions with "I already answered that 50 times yesterday. The same answer applies again today."

I know, takes longer to say such things instead of a simple "yes".

Throughout it all though, there has been one hero in the household, one being who has withstood the coughing and sneezing, the moaning and complaining with a quiet patience not seen in people. This sweet little being has agreed to put aside some of her needs so that the two of us can heal.

That sweet little being, that hero, would be our dog.



Mike and Julie said...

Aren't dogs just wonderful. Mine lay near me when I'm not feeling well. My allergies are so bad right now that they are driving me crazy. My head feels like it is in a fog. Take care and feel better.....Julie

Devin said...

Great post as always Nina-so hope you and hubby are much better now! I am going into a bit of a depression and wasnt even going to turn puter on originally-now I am so glad I did-agree with you and Mike and Julie -what would we do without our pets? I dont even consider Clementina a pet-more like a 'companion'-best as always to you!!!

Pugs in Space said...

"And then once the virus has announced "I'm here to stay white man", he goes into the whine mode.

This line kills me hahhahah!

Btw, you may think you are getting better with this bug but still take it very easy. It kind of pauses a few times and fools you then attacks again. So be good to yourself dear :)

Nina said...

thank you, julie. dogs indeed are wonderful (and cats too). i feel for you with your allergies. ugh! some years i am bothered with grass allergies in the summer and they can really knock you on your ass. i spent one of my college spring breaks in arizona and was really surprised how plugged up i was in early march! the first 2 days i couldn't go outside.

devin-i'm sorry to hear you're feeling depression. i battle w/that at times. i think many people who are sensitive to the going's-on of our society battle with it. i hope you're recovered from your own sickie-pooh episode!

hello pugs-yeah, i am noticing that w/this thing. it seems to come and go at times. i've dealt with similar viruses in past years. they appear to have mutated. either that or they're released from labs into the air, h2o supplies and the like. or a bit of both. anyway we're taking it easy! thanks for your thoughts.