Advice For Octuplet's Mother

Get your fucking tubes tied already you narcissistic bitch.

I tried staying away from this story, but something kept nagging me inside. This isn't about her. This is about those children who are going to be raised in neglect. What I see in this woman is someone who is so deeply pained and empty within and rather than deal with her issues, is looking to babies to fix that pain and fulfill those empty needs. That isn't love. That's selfishness of the deepest kind.

She has a baby. Soon it becomes it's own individual, asserting it's own needs. It begins to talk and assert its own independence. As such, mom's feelings of pain and loneliness kick back in and so she has another baby, only to continue the cycle.

I'm angry because there are some of us who would love to have a child but simply cannot afford to do so. I'm angry because there are some of us who have worked on our issues and put off having a child as a result because we did not wish to project our shit onto an innocent baby/child. I'm angry because there are people like her who take advantage of the system (while lying about her/his use of said system). I'm angry because there are sick twisted individuals always looking to make a buck who would be willing to pay this bitch a lot of money to turn her twisted story into a book or movie.

While I'm certainly not a supporter of forced sterilization, when I see people like this I think "go for it docs".


Mike and Julie said...

I totally agree. There is something seriously wrong with this lady and the doctor that aloud this to happen. Good post....Julie (commenting with her other blog name) Thanks for stopping by my The Random Mind of Miss Julie blog. Stop in anytime.

Nina said...

yeah--i forgot to add a note about the doc who is behind it all. i know i was a little harsh with my words towards the mother. despite her behavior, i don't believe she's intentionally trying to harm her children. she's just lost inside--off in some way--not able to make good choices for herself--and as such, needs help. i see where she's now publically asking for $$. i would help--only if i knew it would go to therapy. but i'm pretty sure the only help she's seeking is $$ and shelter.

it's a mess for sure. i wonder if somewhere w/in she's thinking "what have i done?"