Another soc (stream of consciousness) piece.......

folks who refer to god as the father. who wants a parent-child relationship with the creator? don't we spend the first 20 years of our life striving to pull away from the child role?

along those lines, folks who look to the bible as some divinely inspired piece of literature. who is to say it is no more inspired than any other book?

religions sucks. church is boring and is nothing more than a control mechanism. love, however, is cool.

conspiracy theorist debunkers who claim all crop circles have been "proven" to be done by humans using rope and wooden planks. i debunk THAT theory by saying i have read and seen plenty of studies that show many of these crops cannot be done by rope and wood. period.

along those lines, most conspiracy theorist debunkers have an agenda: to debunk anything they find to be out of their limited vision of reality, which means relying on biased studies and junk science.

along those lines one more time, we know very little about how our world, let alone our universe, operates. science is little more than theoretical speculation, meaning there's always room to expand upon original findings.

i have granted myself an honorary phd degree in human behavior.

despite the growing trend of states to declare sovereignty, none have yet actually passed the legislation. oklahoma's quite close, having (overwhelmingly) passed the house last year only to stall in the senate. it is to be reintroduced this year. success will take the will of the people pushing their state officials.

is there a god? no proof of that. i tend to think one of two things: 1) some other species created us in a lab, implanting into our minds thoughts that make us think there's a god in the skies. for those who believe in reincarnation, thoughts implanted into our minds of other memories that we think are ours. 2) we've always been and the concept of "god" is nothing more than the sum of all of our energies. personally, i lean towards #2, although i do believe we should not dismiss the idea of #1.


Devin said...

WOW Nina-you and all the other folks I link to are certainly keeping me busy-but delightfully so-I so hope the states rights movement takes off-if nothing else to take a little pressure out of the engines of the Empire-which we the USA have become-and day by day I am more convinced we are going the way of ancient Rome-although getting there much quicker!! best as always to you and thanks so very much for commenting about your experiences at my place-I really find them fascinating!

Nina said...

hi devin~
rome sure does seem to be crumbling quickly doesn't it? thanks for stopping in and for your continual support! :)