Breaking News: UFO Just Witnessed In Skies of Corvallis!

At 7:20pm, PST, Mr. Nina was outside having an evening smoke and like he does on such occasions, he watches the night sky. He was looking at a particular star formation in the NE quadrant of the sky when suddenly the outer star of the 3-star formation caught his eye. It was as bright as Venus and he noticed it was moving at a very fast pace. However, it then slowed way down, dimmed and made a 90 degree turn, hovered for a brief amount of time before suddenly winking out. The lapse of time was approximately 1 minute.

Fascinating, isn't it? I unfortunately missed this one as I was back here firing away at the keyboard with a fervor over yet another one of my rants against The System.

Anyone else see this? Certainly it was not a satellite as they do not behave in that manner. An airplane? At that elevation (which he estimates to be at least 100,000 ft.)? Hardly. I know of no commercial airplane that pulls off 90 degree turns, nor do I know of any plane that can enter and leave the atmosphere or appear and disappear at will.

I'm in the process of writing down all of these sightings we've had which go back 13 years. I feel kinda special in that the average person has not seen a UFO and those who have, most see only 1 or 2. We've seen many more than that.

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Devin said...

Fascinating info Nina! I will be back hopefully by tomorrow afternoon to read in more detail-I was supposed to go to bed early tonight as I have to get up early tomorrow-but it wont be a problem dont have to go anywhere-my bro is just coming over to my place with my mom to help fix some things-best as always and hope to chat soon!