Quote Of The Day

"America was built on the backs of people like you."
Michelle Obama

This wasn't just a metaphoric statement. It was also a literal statement. It serves only to continue our mindset that we must work hard and be enslaved so that others may succeed into wealth while we, the "people like you" are given enough to survive on with no promises that this won't be taken away from you by some banker or employer.


Devin said...

Cooper is adorable! Totally agree with your thoughts on quote-in the states it is drummed into us from day one 'if we work hard -if we behave' -just like good little Germans from another era I suspect!best to you as always!

Nina said...

aren't these pups adorable?? i love not knowing who i will see each day. yes, be good little soldiers. work hard. obey. follow orders. yep--very much like that other era. history repeats itself until the people say NO THANK U. at least i know my obstinance has carried a lot of truth.

thank you for stopping in devin. i hope you are doing well.