Strega and 7 Stones: Good Riddance

Not that I like to see employees lose their jobs, especially in economic times such as these. However, to see two what I deem "elitist/over-priced" businesses go under, well all I can say is "Good Riddance".

I looked into the prices of these two places. Both were outrageously costly. Both seemingly catered to the higher-end consumer. I wonder if such business owners ever stop to think about the other citizens who are every bit as worthy as visiting their establishment but are unable to due to economic reasons. Of course this piece of the puzzle could easily be rendered with the infusion of the Sliding Scale Fee For Goods And Services. The fact that this has yet to be instituted across the board boggles my mind. If we are to insist on a sliding scale income range, we need to insist on a Sliding Scale Fee For Services. Period.

I also had a real issue with the construction of these Big City gargantuan buildings being erected in the first place, obstructing views of our beautiful river not to mention removing green areas as well as grassy sections that gave the homeless a place to sleep/rest (which wouldn't be necessary if there weren't so many ridiculous codes, restrictions, laws blah blah blah and waste going on such as EMPTY homes and buildings and property that sit month after month but could otherwise be used as shelter, soup kitchens, garden space for food, etc. etc. for those in need).

I used to wonder what their slogans could be:

"Come dine with us in our exclusive dining room where you will be served delicious food at a high cost while enjoying breathtaking views. But hey, at least you can feel better as you watch the homeless people mill around below, thanking your stars you aren't in THEIR shoes."

"Come enjoy a healthful, insanely expensive massage and spa treatment with all sorts of equally ridiculously expensive foo foo natural treatments in an inviting, relaxing atmosphere. We will even provide you dark sunglasses as you leave so you don't have to make eye contact with any of those pesky homeless and drug addicts wondering the streets below. And hey, when you return home, you'll feel great and look great--for about 12 hours."

Or perhaps the sign should read:

We cater to the wealthier clientele. Homeless and low income folks not allowed.

In fact, that's a great sign to put on many business establishments, for this is really the underlying consciousness that is being created out there in the chaos we call The System.


Devin said...

great post as always Nina! best as always!

Pugs in Space said...

Bravo once again le Nina. I always found the juxtaposition of the Elements Building with its ego-masturbation establishments near Department of Human Services/Community Services Consortium to be ironic and obscene.

Baguette is a lovely place to eat though, I just wish that huge building was not there. 20 million dollars, imagine what all of that money could have done for needy people.

Let's make the Elements Building into a homeless shelter!

Nina said...

thanks, peeples.

"ego masturbation establishments" that is LOL. they certainly do give off that vibe, don't they?

turning the elements into a shelter is a wonderful idea. it would have been constructed for that to begin with if city gov't had a conscience.

crallspace said...
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crallspace said...

I don't think a sliding scale, given our current reality, would be used honestly by all.

IS Strega going under? I thought that was just a rumor on the ol' RnR. Which, btw, I have avoided that board for over a week, cold turkey, and I am realizing I am feeling a lot less cluttered with negativity and thoughts of stupid things I've read there. But the owner came on there like 3-4 weeks back saying the spa closed but Strega is fine.