Paranormal Experiences

After following tales of the paranormal on My Favorite Monster's and today, linking to Above The Norm, I've decided to write in more detail about what I've experienced over the years. I don't know why I don't focus on this topic in more detail on this blog given I'm a HUGE paranormal/metaphysic buff. I watch a variety of paranormal programs on cable TV. I love sharing stories with friends about moments of synchronicity and intuitive impressions and knowings. Plus, as some of my readers know, Mr. Nina and I have seen numerous UFO's in the skies since we hooked up over 10 years ago.

My first paranormal encounter happened when I was around 9 or 10. I was in the 4th grade and having a challenging time in school (a not-so-unusual experience for me). Without going into detail, my teacher frightened me. He was impatient and had a propensity to yell loudly, which perhaps some children could benefit from, but not yours truly. I was the type where all I needed was a raised eyebrow and I got back in line. Anyway as a result I was having a lot of anxiety and tummy aches. One night, sometime in the middle of the night, I awoke to find what looked to be my mom standing at the end of my bed, only it wasn't my mom. This woman floated and had a glow all around her. I remember she looked at me with so much love. Everything about her was alive and lit up with an energy I had never seen in any human. I sat up in bed, fascinated and silenced (silence being an unusual thing for me, certainly when I was in awe). I remember pinching myself to make sure I was awake.

Ouch! I was!

I watched this beautiful being as she moved to the side of my bed where she looked down at me and smiled with a love I had never seen. I smiled back. I felt so warm and loved, safe and so protected.

She then looked out the window, putting her hand on the curtain as if to pull them back in order to check outside, only her hand went through the curtain.

I remember thinking that was SO cool.

She looked down at me one last time, then walked away towards the end of my bed and disappeared.

The moment was gone and I was back in reality. Looking back, it seems as though I was in some sort of a trance, for once I was back in reality I called to my mom. She responded back and I asked why she had been in my room. She said she hadn't been in there, so I told her what happened (her room was next to mine so this conversation took place w/both of us in our own beds). She said it was a dream. I was adamant that it wasn't.

I was silenced. Another not-so-unusual event of my childhood.

To this day, thinking about this brings tears to my eyes. Some days I call out for this being. I haven't seen her again. I sure wish she would pay me a visit if she's still around me. Life can feel very lonely for me at times.

Actually, as my mind is working on this topic, I remember this wasn't my first experience with the paranormal. When I was 5 or 6, I was lying in bed. It was a summer evening, so it was still light out. I was fully of envy for the older children who got to stay up later and as such, were outside playing. I looked up at my window and saw a man appear with a hat and trench coat. He smiled at me and winked. Instead of feeling comforted, I was terrified, so I screamed at the top of my lungs. Well, that brought my parents into my room in a flash, looking terrified.

"There was a man looking in my window!" I screamed.

My dad immediately ran outside where he looked all around. He came back inside and insisted all he saw were children. He even asked the kids and no one had seen any strange man in our front yard. I insisted what I saw was real. Like a lot of children's "tales", it was dismissed as an active imagination.

I don't know who that man was, but he certainly did creep me out. My grandpa died when I was around this age and he used to wear a hat and long coats over his jacket. I don't know if this event happened before or after he died though. If it happened after-the-fact, it may have been him, for he also used to wink at me.

Whatever it was, it still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to this day, likely due to the childhood story of the boogey man.

One last one then I'll close up for now. My next encounter with the other world came many years later. Well, an encounter with someone I knew in this life that is. I was living in another part of the country, married and miserable. Terribly homesick as well. I had been contemplating suicide, although I never would have gone through with it. In short, I was just having a hard time finding anything worth living for.

So one afternoon, I was walking my dog I had at the time. Something told me to look down and there was a penny. "Pick up the penny," I heard a voice say in my mind, rather adamantly.

I shrugged it off. Pick up a penny. Whatever.

The next day, again on a walk, I was once again guided to look down. There was another penny. And again, the same voice.

Hmm, I thought. This time I picked up the penny.

For the next week or so, I started seeing pennies all over the grounds of my apartment complex. I'd feel the urge to look down and sure enough, there would be a penny, with that voice saying "pick up the penny!"

As I sat thinking about this strange experience one day, I recalled a memory I had of my grandpa (not the one I refer to earlier). He had died when I was 17. I was pretty close to him and his death had been really painful for me, despite it taking almost 7 years for me to actually grieve his death. I was experiencing emotional deadness at the time of his death, you could say.

Anyway, the memory was of grampy and I walking to the store to get candy. Suddenly he stopped and said "a penny!" I looked down and said something like "uh huh". Grampy wouldn't go anywhere. "Pick up that penny!" he insisted, an excited grin on his face. So I picked it up.

Within days of this memory I just happened to be watching a tv show that had on two psychics who were also mediums. One of them was talking about how our loved ones, after they have crossed over, will often visit us. Sometimes they come in dreams. Sometimes they'll leave things lying around, guiding us to look at it or pick up an object. When asked for an example, one woman said "quite often they will use pennies."

Well! I was floored upon hearing that statement. That confirmed it for me. Grampy had returned. He had seen how discouraged I had been and was trying to let me know I was not alone.

I don't know how long I cried, but cry I did for some time.

Shortly after I met Mr. Nina, he began to see pennies as well. And if that isn't cool in and of itself, when he proposed to me, we found a pile of pennies in the parking lot of the mountaintop park in which he proposed.

To this day, I still find pennies, only now it's evolved into me often knowing ahead of time when I will see one.

And I still say "thank you grampy".


Julie said...

Thanks Nina for sharing your stories, looking forward to more. I had a friend that was being haunted by an old man's spirit. He showed up in various places which frightened her. She was ill at the time and as soon as she was better, he was gone. I feel he was there to protect her during her illness even though he scared the crap out of her on many occasions. Thanks for mentioning my other blog with Mike, Above the Norm. Glad you enjoy reading it.

Devin said...

I agree with Julie thanks so very much for sharing these really pressed for time tonight for once-i hope i have a connection to come back tomorrow -best to you as always!!-fascinating stuff!