Quote Of The Century

"The flow of credit is the lifeblood of our economy."

Barrack Obama

Here we are again, facing a situation similar to that of the Depression and every other controlled economic downturn in history. We have resources not being utilized. We have men and women willing to participate and work. And yet, once again, we have the Bankers holding money and credit and as such, the resources, hostage.

To say credit is the lifeblood of our economy is to say the blood is seriously diseased. Always has been, always will be.

Oh yes, a growing number of people are angry. And yet the anger is blinding them to the above. For instead of pausing to think "hmm, maybe there is another way", they are putting their faith into our new messiah and this massive debt he's just dumped on us and future generations. In short, thinking outside of the box hasn't happened.


I mean, come on. Shouldn't WE THE PEOPLE be the lifeblood of the economy? Shouldn't it be WE THE PEOPLE utilizing resources responsibly and thoughtfully that is the lifeblood?

Instead, it's money and credit that is the lifeblood, even though those are merely tools to the real holders of the blood bags: the banks.

I found it humorous that the prez thought he would get away with saying this stimulus package wasn't about the banks when, in reality, it is. For everything that you and I buy or borrow through credit or money ends up going back to the banks in some way. Give Fred a tax break so he can spend more money on food at the local grocery store so the local store owner can put that cash in the bank bag at the end of the day. Give Sally some credit so she can finance that car and pay the bank a shitload of interest. Free up some more of that credit so Jack and Sue can buy that pretty little house in the subarbs and pay rent and ridiculous amounts of interest to the bank for 30 years in hopes that someday before they die, that land and home will be theirs.

Can't you see that in the end, the banks win? They never suffer. No matter what the economic condition is. Oh sure, lots of the banks employees, the "little people" (those who do the real work for the least pay), lose their jobs. But the big wigs, even if their bank gets seized or eaten alive by an even bigger bank, oh see, they always come out on top just fine. No bumps, no bruises.

I'm really reaching for the stars here, but it is my wish that we use this stimulus money to build something new for you and me. That we utilize those brains of ours to devise a plan or plans to create a society where it is YOU AND ME who is the lifeblood, who is at the heart of the economy, the soul of prosperity.

Money and credit, money and credit. Blah blah blah. Been there, done that. Works for the few. Makes life an unnecessary stressful hassle for the rest. Time for something new.

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