How To Land That Job!

Time to toss aside the politically correct psycho dribble career "experts" tell us we must say when answering those interview questions posed to us by potential employers. Time for some fun!! Here are some answers that, while not likely to land you that next job, will leave the potential employer and staff talking about you for a very very very long time...

Question #1:
Why did you leave your last employer?

Your response:
Well technically I didn't leave of my own volition. I was asked to leave the premises-immediately.

Question #2:
What do you think to be your best talent?

Your response:
I can put both ankles behind the back of my head. Wanna see?

Question #3:
Why should I hire you?

Your response:
Because I'm armed. (Point to your holster carrying your loaded 9mm.)

Question #4:
What can you offer us that no other applicant can?

Your response:
A long history of state-mandated psychiatric evaluations.

Question #5:
What's your worst trait?

Your response:
...shrug... (You don't have any. Remember that at all times.)

Question #6:
We will be conducting a background check, which includes a drug screen. Are you willing to undergo such testing?

Your response:
Um, well, yeah, but can that drug screen thingie wait a week or so?

Question #7:
Would you be willing to take a cut in pay?

Your response:
...laugh hysterically...

Question #8:
For insurance purposes, would you be adding any dependents?

Your response:
Excuse me, but I am way too young to be wearing those adult diapers.

Question #9:
What was your biggest accomplishment with your last employer?

Your response:
Well, I'd have to say it was a pretty big deal that I didn't smack the fucking shit out of my boss.

Question #10:
If I were to contact your previous employer, what would they have to say about you?

Your response:
How the hell should I know. I'm not psychic. Oh. Wait a minute. This isn't a job for one of those psychic hotlines is it? Cause, well, you know, I was told not to call those numbers anymore.

Question #11:
Ok, well thank you for your time. We'll be in touch soon.

Your response:
Ok, but can you make sure you don't call before noon? I don't really get out of bed until then.

Here are some other pointers for guaranteeing you leave an impression unlike no one else:

*pick your nose.
*burp. then giggle.
*for one question, interrupt after every word.
*when invited into the office for the interview, skip while humming a little tune.
*when leaving and offering up the traditional good-bye/thank-you handshake, place your hand firmly in the potential employer's hand, smile big and say "you're the man!" (or woman)


crallspace said...

Or better, start asking THEM the weird, unanswerable questions, like, "what would you do if I just stood up and punched you in the tooth?"

Devin said...

Nina-cant tell you how much I have come to enjoy Musings and Obs! so glad I linked to you-thanks fo supporting me at my place too! right now i am off to find an article by larry pinkney to see if there is a link to it that i will post at my place for all my net friends-it was a wonderfully written article-all the best to you as always!

Devin said...

Had to come back to this one Nina-hehe I love the drug test and 'can it wait a week' :-) best to you as always!-thanks also for posting your UFO sightings info on your blog and i really appreciate your comments about your experiences at MFM!

Nina said...

whenever i read "MFM" i think "male for male". lol how did you come up with my fav. monsters anyway?