Messing Around With Song Lyrics

Obviously, given my post below, sometimes I play with song lyrics. At times I try and come up with funny ones. The other day I was singing "Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer", the Kenny Rogers tune. However, the following came into my head as I began to sing the chorus.

"Don't fall in love with a weiner,
it'll leave you for a bun every time."


Julie said...

You sound like my kind of people, Nina. My kids make fun of me everytime I change the lyrics to certain songs especially when it is aimed at my dogs. Hey, they love it, or not, lol.

Cute pug....

Nina said...

: )
thanks for reading!

i think what's even funnier is when you THINK you're singing the right lyrics but you really aren't--and what you are singing makes no sense (except of course to those rules in your own head). my hub thought a stevie ray vaughn song "that's a cold shot" was actually called "gotta go sideways". i about pee'd myself laughing so hard when i first heard him tell me that. i still laugh whenever i hear that song--it's the go sideways song today.