I love that song by Billy Joel. I listened to it today. I've been feeling overwhelmed with that sense of pressure. Hard not to. Sort of like that story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of lies and illusion, ready to scream to the world "here i am like me or not but you will see me and respect me".

Today as I listened, I decided to create a few of my own lyrics to the song. While B.J. is an outstanding pianist and songwriter, his lyrics didn't quite hit home for me. These did.

"You have to learn to trust the Man,
We're something you'll never understand,

Sucking it up
was never good enough.
You know that truth
that speaks
to you when you're alone.
Calling you forth
to see
the light behind the truth of

You have to tow our line my child,
Outsiders will only tell you lies,

Ask not
want not
and you'll be satisfied.
Ignore the beast
that resides
on your television screen.
It's just the way
that your life
has always been so

One more push
the merry-go-round.
Worker's milling
up and down.
Candy-coated words
from teachers at school.
Am I a fool.
What's there to do.

I'll tell ya folks.


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