I'm currently at battle with some upper resp. virus, this being day number two. I'm trying to drown it out with massive amounts of raw garlic. I don't know yet what is winning: the garlic or the virus. Perhaps they're calling a truce. All I know is the experience is giving me those moments where I find myself staring at nothing in particular, my mind suddenly in a world of its own, lending itself to a hallucination or two. I'd like to share a few of them.

While reading "The Fisher King", I suddenly became one of the Knights of the Round Table, on a quest for the mythical holy grail. I could feel the armor, cold, heavy. It's lonely under all of that metal.

Last night at 2:18 a.m., I woke up suddenly, thinking I heard a noise. For some reason, I thought we had a cat inside the house. I threw back the covers and stumbled out into the living room (to go look for a cat that somehow miraculously broke into the house only disturbing me but not our ever-watchful dog) but was sidetracked by my bladder saying "empty me now" which I did only to finish and wonder "what did I get out of bed for to begin with again??"

It was a wonderfully warm sunny day outside. I sat outside in my black yoga pants, sweatshirt, drinking hot tea, wrapped inside a blanket. I was still cold. (I know that wasn't a hallucination. I'm just trying to garner sympathy.)

A friend came over this evening. We all got into a metaphysical discussion. As I listened to him share his perspective on buddhist thought, my brain suddenly announced "too much information" and my imagination took over whereby I saw myself out in a field of lavendar, dancing under the moon. Seriously.

It took me 35 minutes to write the above. I've had to stop several times to remember my train of thought. Don't ask what I thought during these pauses as I don't remember. As such, I am going to bed now.


Mike and Julie said...

The same thing happened to my Dad after he took pain medicine. It got so bad that my Mother took him to emergency. While sitting there waiting to be admitted, he was watching a parade. At least that is what he saw. When he finally got a room, he saw things on the TV and it was off. He thought his white socks were bunnies and insisted that he was on vacation with his brother Bud who had been dead for many years. That was a bad time for us. I also can't take pain meds. They make me feel weird. Take care.....Julie

Pugs in Space said...

Oh noes! You got the bug from me when I saw you at the Co-op! I sorry!

Devin said...

Nina I hope you get over your illness very soon!! I just got done with spending (i think) over 20 hours in bed from Fri afternoon eve until just a matter of hours ago -there is some sorta bug going around -I still feel quite 'down' and ill but trying to stay as postiive as I can -I am so behind on work for my main blog it is ridiculous-actually I am behind work on both blogs -best to you as always and I am sending healing energy your way -hopefully it will help us both and anyone else who is ill!!

Nina said...

julie-what an upsetting experience to have to watch your dad go through such hallucinations. i hear you on pain meds. my hub can't take them either--he hallucinates terribly. after surgery several years ago, he awoke around 2am, yelling about the bugs in the bed. it took awhile to calm him down and assure him there were no bugs--but first we had to totally strip the bed. the ones i've taken just make me feel very loopy and out of it (which isn't so bad if you're already feeling sick and just wanna sleep). i just stick to otc stuff.

pugs--i'm not convinced it's what u have/had. it shouldn't take 6 days to get sick after contact w/someone. likely the same bug though as it seems to be going around. i was up at the co-op and out and about a lot this past week so i could've picked it up from anyone. i'm just distressed that my routine of taking garlic at the first sign didn't knock it out--although it seems to have lessened the severity.

devin-i'm sorry to hear you've been sick too! i send you healing energy as well--as much as i can muster. i've been sleeping lots too--12-14 hours then rest during the day. i should feel grateful as this one didn't knock me totally flat as has happened in the past. but i don't because i'm sick and i don't like feeling sick, period. :) thanks for the uplift though to stay positive. i hope you are healed very soon! lots of snuggles under the covers, tea, good books and my buddy (bean stuffed piece of flannel fabric i zap in the microwave then put on my body). do you have anyone to take care of you??

thank u all for your thoughts. :)

nolocontendere said...

Ahh, the raw garlic. One of the very best things a body can ingest.
I partially credit garlic for the fact I haven't had a cold or flu in almost a decade.
Of course my antisocial breath keeps communicable diseases at more than arm's length :-G