Blacklisted on Craigslist

Awhile back, I shared of my experience in trying to create an account with Craigslist. Number one, I was questioning why I had to provide the phone verification when there were some people that I knew who weren't being asked to do the same thing. Number two, being I'm on dial-up and have just one land line phone, I had to sign off the computer to retrieve the phone verification access code. When signing back on, I was not able to return to the page in which to enter the code. I wrote craigslist 5 times (as well as twice today after a friend e-mailed me saying he was able to post something for sale w/o being asked for phone verification) without a response.

Why the discrepancy? I'll let you in on a little secret. When you've posted something that's been flagged, Craigslist essentially blacklists your IP address. That means no more freedom to post w/o providing a verifiable phone number. Being I used to post on rants and raves on occasion, sharing my political and social beliefs, and being my posts were flagged by little half-baked twits who don't know a damn thing about freedom of speech and who can't absorb any thought that doesn't reside outside of their own little pea-sized brains let alone be open to allowing others to have their own thoughts separate from theirs, that means my IP address has been blacklisted, thus the requirement of the phone verification.

Another little dirty craigslist secret I learned. Even if I were able to complete the phone verification process, I would only be allowed to post ONE AD every 48 hours. WTF. Craigslist has obviously resorted to fascist tactics. And for that, I am done with them. And you should be as well. I am being punished for EXPRESSING MY THOUGHTS.

Fuck craigslist. Spammers continue to find their way back into the system. There are lots of little tactics and hints online to keep those accounts going. It is innocent folks like myself who are getting screwed by this lame ass company (not to mention the little immature punk turds residing in the Corvallis/Albany area who can't accept differing opinions).

And for what reason?

Simply expressing my thoughts.



Devin said...

Couldnt agree more with you Nina-and as far as the bad guys always seeming to win -i have a future post in mind in regards to where i am living now and may have to move-best to you as always and so sorry this happened to you!!

Mike-Julie said...

Several years ago, my hubby and I were having money problems and a friend that he worked with offered to let us rent his house. He was home collecting disablity from work even though nothing was wrong with him. Basically, because we put him on our taxes, he got pissed and wanted us to move out. He wanted to cheat the IRS too. We didn't pay him for the last month because he didn't give us any notice and decided to take us to court. He went in the house and busted some walls, took pictures and he and his crooked lawyer tried to tell the court we did it and wanted damages too. We called his job and told them that he was lying about his bad back and could work. After an investigation, he did lose his disability but somehow was able to still get money from us even though we had a good case. We returned the favor by busting his ass to the IRS and turned in his crooked lawyer friend too. He got in trouble but we don't know how much. We are good people and couldn't believe what an asshole this so called "friend" turned out to be. Sorry about the venting! I have had several friends that had problems selling stuff on craigslist so I stay away from them.

Nina said...

thanks you two for sharing. devin~you may have to move? ugh! i'll make sure to check out your blog to learn more about that! i hope you don't HAVE to move-that it's really a choice. i know you've mentioned something about loud neighbors. i sure hope it isn't that. i've been there, done that. it is very stressful.

julie~no worries on the venting. thank you for sharing. i am sorry to hear about your friend. it's very painful when someone you think is a friend pulls something like that. i've not dealt with something at that level so i can only imagine how painful that had to have been for you and your husband. good for you to turning in his ass to the IRS!

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Craigslist kills the newspapers then censors the remaining speech.


First, craigslist killed the newspaper. Now that it has created a relative speech monopoly, it is increasingly inclined to censor. That which is not censored, they endorse. So craigslist supports nazis, penis pills, death threats, stalkers, but not poetry.

Fuck that. I say it's time to attack craigslist and show those assholes that it only takes 100 people (the number of regular readers of combatwords) to flatline it.

To prove my point, I don't want you to hit them with just any copypasta--it ought to be original copypasta. Something that violates no TOU by itself, but will incite the micro-censors of craigslist to flag your posts.

If craigslist has ever wronged you, consider how much cash this would cost them. Jim and Craig are worth dozens of millions each. To adjudicate flags, they have to do it by hand. They survive off the expectation that most people will self-police their own behavior. Ah, but they broke the 'social contract' they offered when they were busy killing off the newspapers (a community BBS of BS). So if fifty to one hundred dedicated people spend some time every day posting legitimate content in a manner the micro-censors will find objectionable, it will get their attention.

Hey, they killed the newspapers. Fair is fair, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh I would so love to punish those selfish f*kers. Exactly!(as you said) now that you literally can't sell anything without thier "service", they turn into lazy fat torturers of the desperate. I need to sell 2 cars in a week so I can move. I am desperate at this point. I have spent the last week, like 20 hours pulling my f*ing hair out and bending over backwards, to post 2 (oh my gosh! must be an evil spammer!) ads at once, they just put you on spin cycle, ghost you, then blacklist you for trying too hard. What a mind f*k. It's left me literally feeling like an oppressed person in some psychotic regime. What a bunch of insolent f*ing creeps. now I can't post even one add and they will not accept any phone number. If there is a line of people waiting to torture the selfish goons, Please, oh please let me be at the front. I hope they f*ing burn. Let their f*ing blood run a bit like they have done to mine and countless others. Please tell us how to topple them if you have any idea whatsoever. What a shoddy website anyway when you think about the scope of it's users. What a joke. So much thoughtlessly wasted time of so many people. For example when you search for housing, there is no radio button for "weekly", "daily" or "monthly" so if you search for $700, you get everything and believe me if you are in a busy area with 400 postings a day it is pretty gross. Add a slow connection speed and you are pretty much gonna hopeless or spend 6 hours going down the list.

American Junk Removal Services said...

This makes me feel better, I Felt all alone when They hold my account I guess thats considered blocklist. I just had to express my feelings that day saying something about my neighbors and not writing any of their info Cause my neighbor has been spying on my yard and reporting every little bit of mistake I made to the city. The city actually told me theres nothing wrong with my property it's just the retard couple that lives next to me send about a few photos monthly to the city saying i have a violation. I'm blocked maybe for good I don't know but theres a way around it. I'll post anyways who are they to block me. They don't control me. That's freedom of speech and proud to be an American. Thanks for this blog site you're much appreciated.

Jay said...

My experience being flagged was nothing short of being told to sit at the back of the bus. A "volunteer" tells you what to do in a Nazi-style "need to know only" one-way dialogue.
The daily volunteers there are a band of 6th grader despots - salivating at the chance to run you through the gauntlet that is the flagging room at San Francisco HQs. New Home of Alcatraz.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous>> exf**ingxactly!!!!!!!!
Same EXACT experience. After posting one car, a screen pops up "would you like to place another ad". Sure would. NOWHERE do they tell you the rules unless you dig for them. I spent 2 horrible weeks. They monopolize the classified market, then just fuck everybody over with playschool fucking design. I was literally sick. It was the most horrible nightmare. And your comment about radio buttons on rentals is dead on. Those stupid insolent fuckers don't give a damn about the millions of people tearing their hair out because of their careless practices. I would like them to suffer. I seriously think that they are guilty of civil charges by blacklisting innocent horrified scared panicked people. and that's what i was for a 10 days, sitting on 2 vehicles (15k and no chance to sell them. F! YOU!, Craigslist you selfish F*n bastards!!!

Anonymous said...

take note, Anonymous! Please TAKE DOWN CRAIGSLIST!!!

Qball said...

I cann access it on my wifi computers ,but not my main computer have to order a wifi adapter ,or go to hidemy ass.com just to see the craigslist pagethey blocked two account cause they got hacked ahhhh then they do not ley tou resolve it by actually talking to an actual person

Anonymous said...

I posted a Craigslist ad for a room mate. I couldn't upload the photo. After several tries, I was told my cell phone could not be verified. How stupid is the management at that company? Weeks later I can't post a single ad. I would pay for the ad but nobody wants to talk or answer an email over there.