Stimulus Bill For The Unemployed Gives Then Takes

For those receiving unemployment compensation, that $25 extra a week was a bit of a reprieve, that is until for some, they realized that additional amount pushed them over the food stamp limit. Ah, but here in America, we have the freedom to say "no" to our government without repercussions, right? I mean, certainly Uncle Sam would allow such an individual to turn down the $25 in order to continue receiving food stamps, right?

"And state labor departments are telling jobless recipients they cannot refuse the stimulus increase in order to keep food stamp benefits coming."

For those brainwashed individualists out there who are under the blinding illusion that they would never be in such a situation or that receiving government assistance is akin to the worst possible shame, just remember that one of the core characteristics of any nation (and its people) that proclaims to be about things such as freedom and justice, compassion and fairness is how they treat the most needy of its citizens. If that ain't enough for you, take a trip to Lady Liberty.

What a gesture from our friends in DC. Here's a few dollars to help you out my dear friend the private citizen.

Ok, well, not really.

For our overseas friends, what this means is that in America, when banks and corporations receive bailout funds, they never have to sacrifice a dime. But when you're a private individual and you receive some help, you sometimes have to sacrifice a basic necessity.

Hmm. I wonder if Congress knew this would happen. Some little birdie tells me they did. And wait, I'm not the only one.

"One think tank expert says Congress knew this would happen, but didn't choose to raise income ceilings."

Thank you, my little birdie friend, for the validation.


Devin said...

Great thoughts as always Nina!! what has so deeply sickened me watching the slow progress of my social security disability case-this is just one of the things-actually there has been a lot-is seeing these crooks get away with murder while us "plebians" who you know they dont give a fuck about -go down the tubes-it is so nice to know other americans like yourself aren't fooled by this horsehit-sorry if i sound vicious but with our govt I am calling it like I see it!! best to you as always!!

Nina said...

i have a girlfriend here in town who has been going through the soc. sec. disability game for almost 3 years now. she has a legit/recognized health issue but was still denied at her first hearing. her lawyer petitioned for a second hearing--that's still tied up in that seemingly endless loop. i also have another girlfriend in another state who applied and was, eventually, approved. it's my belief they make it such a ridiculously long ordeal in the hopes that people will simply get frustrated enough to drop their case. i wonder how many people end up becoming homeless as a result of the waiting and the inability to work.

hang in there. with patience and persistance most end up receiving assistance.

benjibopper said...

sadly we have the same stupid clawbacks here in Canada and, contrary to ridiculous conservative right to work programs they are a disincentive to seek work. why schlepp yourself to a job if the government will just steal it back from you? one hand giveth and the other smacketh you in the face. compassionate governance seems to have long since fallen by the wayside.

Nina said...

i think compassionate governance got the fork stuck in it during the 50's, if not before. the trend of "for the people" governing was swapped for "for the rich" as a result of the infiltration of private global groups (bilderberger's, IMF, etc. etc.)

thanks for stopping in to comment.
: )