Want To Hear Me Freaking On A Thunderstorm?

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I recorded this yesterday afternoon when we were hit by a severe and highly unusual thunderstorm. It was quite an experience. I have never witnessed rain like that. It was both exhilarating and frightening. Thankfully it only lasted about 15 minutes (I only recorded the first few minutes of it). If that rain had continued, we would have had flooding. These storms popped up all over the state, triggering a tornado (another highly unusual weather event) in one part of the state. Meteorologists reported over 7000 strikes of lightening yesterday alone; 24,000 since last Thursday.

If you can get past my on-going chatter, you can hear some of the intensity of the storm. Listening to yourself is also quite the experience. I still sound the same as I did in 8th grade, much to my annoyance and I was able to see how, at times, certain people (husband included) have said my talking can be a wee bit annoying. More than once while listening to this recording I wished I would simply BE QUIET. When I was a little girl, my parents used to give me those juijy (sp) fruit candies on car trips to keep my mouth occupied on, well, chewing.

The male voice you hear is Mr. Nina, who was braving the storm outside with me as well. When the rain started coming into the carport, we both headed inside and watched rather helplessly as the rain began to flood our patio.


Devin said...

Hey dont worry about your voice Nina-it is just fine-I feel the same way when I hear my voice on tape recorder-as I record a lot of things when i get tired of taking notes-it seems my voice never changed from high school-i also recorded a storm -it was on my cell phone video-it was incredible-not much sound to it surprisingly-but the light show was unreal-I am going to have to learn how to download vids to the thing you did or youtube since it came out pretty good-it only goes for about a minute and 45 secs as i didnt realize i had hit stop record too soon-best to you as always and have a great weekend!!

Devin said...

This is odd Nina-I havent been online much the last few days and my bloglist says you have a new article-but every time i click on your site it takes me to this one-I will try a few more times until i turn puter off-all the best to you!!