Some Thoughts On Michael Jackson

I didn't think I was going to have the desire to post about his death given I'm not one who goes ga ga over the whole celebrity thing, and actually find the whole obsession factor to be very unhealthy to society (although it keeps the class/worship system going). However, his death has given me some things in which to ponder that I have decided to share. Please forgive me if I don't make much sense at times. I'm dealing with a nasty cold virus of some sort that has left me feeling wiped out.

I'm a musician/songwriter/composer and writer. Just like those who share my talents, I'm very sensitive. I tend to pick up on little nuances of human behavior that go unnoticed by most. I have a very strong sense of fairness. I see the "holes" of our system and see how they can be fixed or at least changed to be more equitable and gentle. My emotions tend to be dramatic and large leading to some spectacular displays of mood (others would likely change "spectacular" to pain-in-the-ass). Such emotions are also the driving force behind my creations.

I was wondering about Michael Jackson and others like him, those in the public eye, those in the creative fields and how many succumb to early death for a variety of reasons (suicide, accidental drug overdose, etc.). Being sensitive can be a real challenge in a world that has a system outlined in cold hard individualism. Add to that design being out in the public eye, you're going to have all sorts of people around you, many of whom are simply along for the coat-tail ride in order that they may profit. Unless you have a solid support system around you and have a strong sense of self, it can be easy to break down and lose it altogether. It certainly didn't help he was thrust (pushed in many ways I believe) into the spotlight at such a tender age.

While there has been no conclusive ruling on the cause of his death, my immediate thought, upon hearing it was due to cardiac arrest, was "accidental heart failure due to ongoing use of pharmaceuticals". (Do you ever wonder if the pharmaceutical companies employ some little evil demon to sit behind a desk and count off the number of deaths associated with their products?) Who really knows all of the dynamics behind his death. I just know he was a very misunderstood person living in a world where, unfortunately, people will prey upon you, use you until you can be used no more, spit you out then move on to the next person.

(And isn't it interesting that he become so vilified years ago, but now that he's dead, he's being paraded on every channel, where people are reacting as though Jesus Christ was just pronounced dead.)

I remember listening to him speak years ago, addressing the allegations of child abuse. While thinking he had some serious childhood issues still (understandably) displaying themselves in his behavior, I didn't believe he was a child molester. I recall listening to the interview with a friend and, upon hearing Michael speak about sharing a bed with someone, child or adult, was a very loving thing to do, my friend said something like "Oh, now that's just wrong!" I didn't add anything to the commentary, but I did think about it.

What is so wrong with sharing a bed with another? Couldn't it be a very peaceful, loving thing to do? Must we be so caught up in our western world sexual dysfunction that the moment we think of an adult and non-related child sharing a bed we automatically think something sexually ugly is going on?

Who knows if he molested any of those children. My intuition always said "no", but sometimes such feelings are, of course, wrong. I was more interested in examining his comment and the harsh backlash he received from Conservative Americana. While it's important to be aware there are dark energies and desires waiting to prey on children, to automatically assume one is a molester simply because they enjoy spending time with children and, on occasion, share the same bed, is ridiculous. I've spent a lot of time with children over the years, snuggled with them, even climbed in bed with them. No one's blinked an eye at this, likely because I'm female. However, remove female from the picture and insert male and we freak out. Why is that? Is it because most molesters are male? Is it also because, as a society, we have so dumbed-down our men to the point where it has become uncomfortable (because it isn't "proper" or "masculine") for them to show universal human emotions and behaviors such as affection, softness, tenderness?

I'd say a bit of both, although I believe the latter is one that seriously needs to be examined.

Well, ok, my brain is drifting off into another dimension (the one that says "SLEEP") so I need to wrap this up. And Michael, wherever you are, may you allow yourself to be free of those earthly attachments that left you in pain, physical, emotional and likewise. Keep on going and exploring until you find peace. Don't listen to any being who tries to tell you that you gotta go through judgment or share your lessons or that you gotta turn around and come back again because you either didn't complete your contract or because karma requires you to do so. It's all bullshit, very similar to the bullshit you dealt on this planet. Be free. That's all you gotta do.

And here on earth, I'll be keepin' an ear open to hearin' some new tunes comin' out of the Heavens...

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