Just Who Do We Think We Are?

One of my on-going questions I ask myself is "Who Am I?" I don't know if I'll ever figure it out, let alone grasp it, in my lifetime, but I continue the exploration.

I was listening to a David Icke interview a few nights ago where he was talking about the reptilian influence on the human species. He claims (and there are many other sources that back this up) that a group of Reptilians incorporated some of their DNA into our own and part of that process left us with the inability to see and understand Dark Matter. Upon hearing that, I had one of those inner "hmm yes" moments. Something within resonated with his observation. I had an insight several weeks ago that some time ago, the human species lived a rather communal existance in complete peace - that is until these other wordly beings forced themselves upon us, engaging in a battle. Rather than controlling the planet directly, they opted to control us by implanting some of their DNA into us. As a result, our brain grew what is known in the fields of Human Behavior and Psychology the Reptilian Brain, that part of us that is always ready to react to anything it perceives as a threat, real or imagined. That part of us always on guard, distrustful, willing and able to attack or even kill another without thought.

While of course many people in such fields believe this part of our brain to have originated during the period when we were running from sabertooth tigers and the like, however, there are growing numbers of people who believe this may not provide the entire story:

"Recent work by Russian biologist Piotr Garjajev and some Russian linguistic experts suggests the same thing, and, more specifically, this research may show that junk DNA, rather than being a discard, is “a computer hologram that works with laser-type radiations.” In short, DNA is an extraordinary generator of perceptions, an instrument of virtual reality.

By accepting the link between DNA and emotional and mental activities, we may begin to imagine DNA as a complex program that directs the life process (regulating our metabolism, for instance), but impedes our consciousness from complete manifestation. (see "Possession and Predation - Aliens, Flyers, Clones, and Reptilians / The Enigma of Extraterrestrial Parasites")

Research testimony that includes ancient representations, suggest that DNA was implanted in humanity by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. The fact that over 95% of DNA does not support vital biological living processes suggest that it is conceivable for biological life to exist without any DNA."

So perhaps, not only do we not need 95% of our DNA but that in and of itself, it is interfering with our ability to be who we really are. Pure Consciousness. Pure Awareness. Able to see and know everything.

I know that at times when I want to understand something and struggle to grasp it, a part of me simply knows that anything I desire to know is within my ability to know.

All of which brings me back to my question: Just Who Do We Think We Are?

Is it the clothing on our bodies?

Is it the car we drive or home we live in?

Is it the church we attend?

Is it the color of our hair and eyes?

Is it our opinions?

Is it the foods we like and dislike?

Is it even our beliefs?

I say "no" to all of the above. Who I Am is awareness. I Am the observer. I Am pure consciousness. And it is this knowledge that has been bred out of us, or shall I say that through DNA manipulation, this knowledge has been suppressed from us. How can you ever remove Pure Awareness?

I know at one point I was in a body and could come and go at will. I was in total awareness of all there is to know about the Universe. This isn't some ego observation. It's a deeper knowing.

Religions for years have said our inner voice is small and quiet. Bullshit. It's powerful and ever-present--when it hasn't been covered up via manipulation.

That isn't to say I'm gonna sit on my ass and just observe. How boring would that be? I'm here, I may as well care for and use this body for some enjoyment. And I believe the human species as well as this planet is worth fighting for.

I asked myself today "why do I keep coming back here?" Is it due to lifetimes of conditioning by a system that says I either get one chance or I have to come back in order to learn lessons or even out karmic debt or in order to evolve spiritually. (How is it possible for Pure Consciousness to evolve? How is it possible for The All Knowing to evolve?) Is it due to a desire to keep on returning until I can break free of that prison and alert others, help break free the human species and see it return to what it once was?

Likely a bit of both. Although I do believe in this lifetime, it's certainly more of the latter.


Devin said...

Wow!!! Fantastic post Nina-in fact I am saving it to faves so I can read thru again when puter isnt acting strange-I have thought about the Matrix/Hologram theory many times especially in the last few years as it has seemed history is just getting so bizarre-and one thing that is usually learned from the study of our makeup and the animals is that there isn't much "junk" and I really like that thinking about DNA-that is one thing i have always thought too-man if i have to come back here-why???? what do we really learn??? cause when you think of it -things dont change much over the centuries as far as our character -man modern tech allowed Stalin and Hitler to off so many more people (not to mention the mile long list of the other bad guys including "ours") than they could have if they lived in the days of knives and bow and arrow-so i am right with you asking why?? I have also thought many times that i have been here before-and even tho i love my family more than my life itself -I just dont wanna do it again!!!!!! (haha maybe theyd at least let me be born into the same fam:)best to you as always and this is a wonderful profound article!!

nolocontendere said...

Heard that some reptiles are the original earthlings and resent us humans who were actually brought here from other systems, hence the races.
But who are much happier underground because the solar system is a quite dangerous irradiated pinball machine really, and the surface of the earth gets smacked and cooked with regularity.

Which is also probably OK with them because we become venison :)