Monday Musings

The earlier part of my day was frustrating. When I'm feeling frustration, I bitch and whine a lot. I didn't always respond this way, at least not as quickly as I do these days. Mr. N pointed out my griping and I looked at him and said "I am frustrated and unhappy with my life!"

I feel pretty confident in saying I am not alone in this thought, especially in today's world.

Tonight, I visited a prayer site I frequent on occasion. Sometimes I post a request for myself or another, other times I just look over the list and send out thoughts to those in need. Tonight, I noticed a fair share of people out of work, asking for prayers of employment. One man had $20 to his name, a broken down truck and no employment prospects. It certainly pulled at my heart center.

That one entry made me stop and pause for a couple of reasons.

One being...There are so many of us, so many in need. Isn't it possible for us to pool our resources together somehow and help out one another? Isn't it possible for us to come together in love and see to us that we all have a safe place to sleep and healthy food to eat? Power in numbers--authentic power.

Or have we been so conditioned to holding onto our opinions about ourselves and others and how things "should" be that such a coming together is not possible for the long term?

Two being...I am doing much better than this man is, financially speaking, and it caused me to take a breath and realize how fortunate I am. I've been close to being homeless, wondering how to come up with money this week to get the rent paid. It's terrifying. It creates a horrible stress and, despite those moments you take to find some gratitude, the reality of your situation is always present, no matter how buried it is in the psyche.

Such stories pain me. We don't need a society built around the belief that unless you have the money, you aren't worthy of it. On the religious/spiritual level, we talk about worth being something with which we are all on the same playing field. And yet, step out of our meditations and church doors and we know our current physical reality doesn't view it that way. Western society loves to beat the "gotta earn/prove___". To that I say "Lie. We don't have to earn or prove a thing." Actually at times I've said "According to whom?" That will usually stop someone cold in the middle of a societal brainwashing diatribe. Ah, how easy it is to chant the chants without stopping to think "Where did this come from and do I even really believe it?"

Have you ever thought about the authors of new age books, how they seem to skim over the concept of money as simply being a given and how we can attract more with our thoughts? While I believe there is some truth to that, I'm dismayed that not one has suggested the possibility of a new way. Certainly I have yet to read one who has gone into any sort of real detail about a new way. Perhaps that's part of the reason why they are allowed publishing contracts with the big publishing companies. For I've wondered if I were to write a metaphysical type book, if I were to go in to detail about a different system, one truly based on seeing us all as equally worthy in the truest sense of the words, one where money is not at the core center of our lives, where money isn't even necessary, if I would be able to find a decent publisher.

I have been pleased to see many of my blog hits coming from visitors searching for "a world without money". None have commented yet and I wish they would. I would like to have conversations with them.

Back to my thoughts on the prayer website. Most of the requests were of the financial nature. How easy this is to fix. It is my prayer that more people will begin to imagine "a world without money". Afterall, according to these new ages books, all of creation starts with a thought.

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Devin said...

Hiya Nina!! I enjoyed this article-dont worry I whine and bitch a lot also;-) a world without money would be splendiferous for me as I dont have any haha!! best to you as always my friend and your family-I am going to try that post tonight-hope it goes well for the last 4 or 5 hours i have been listening to screaming kids at the pool (i live across from it) and my nerves are on edge-best to you as always!!