A Blog About...Nothing.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David did it. Maybe I can, too. In blog format.

The old topics are boring me. I'm really no longer interested in things of the political nature. There doesn't seem to be a purpose or point anymore in trying to inform. It is as it is. Maybe I'll just start posting of things, conversations I have with others. Although, most of the people I know are quite normal - certainly none are as eccentric and obnoxious as the characters on Seinfeld.

I could always exaggerate...

Maybe I'll join Facebook, although there aren't really too many people from my past with whom I would like to reconnect (assuming they're even on the network). And it all seems so trendy anyway. Oooh, I'm on My Space, I'm on Facebook, are you? I've never been one to do whatever is hip or popular...

Who knows. For the time being, here's something I experienced yesterday...

Picture it: I'm in bed, sleeping soundly when suddenly, the sound of banging thumping awakens me. What the hell, I think, tossing off my sleep mask, throwing back the covers. In the typical still-sleepy stupor fashion, I walk out into the living room to ascertain what the noise is and where it's coming from.

Next door. Of course. The college boys are out of school for the summer and are being loud.

"Little fuckers," I mutter to myself, wiping the sleep out of my eyes. The banging has continued enough for me to realize it has a rhythm. Drums, I think.

Real drums or those WI drums? I stay still silently and listen.

Definitely real drums.

Great, I think. I love drums. I'm a musician afterall. However, there are only 2 places for drums: 1) Live concert venue; 2) In a soundproof room.

Then I hear the strumming of an electric guitar. The drums have increased in intensity.

Rushing back to the bedroom, I throw on some clothes, thinking no way am I going to put up with this. So I go next door and pound on their front door. Some kid opens it up.

"Yeah?" he asks.

"Is that a real drum set?" I ask.

"Uh huh," he says.

"Yeah, well, I can hear that in my house and it's very loud," I said. "If you boys are going to play drums like that, you need to soundproof the room."

"Ok, I'll tell them to keep it down," he said.

"Drums don't have a volume knob," I said, thinking of the numerous noise issues we've had with young folks while wanting to scream 'young single people under the age of 25 should not be living in their own place'. "Soundproof the room. There are noise ordinances in this city."

"Ok, sorry," he said.

"That's ok," I said. "This time."

5 hours later, the drums started up again. The drumming stopped after 15 minutes.

It started up again 3 hours later, this time for just a couple of minutes.

In the meantime, I have drawn circles on the wall on our adjoining wall in the outline of drums. I will be banging on these spots if I hear that thumping beat again. Perhaps a 6am musical montage would suffice.


Mike-Julie said...

I love it, a blog about nothing. I like reading what's on your mind, Nina, you say what you think and I appreciate it. My Random Mind of Miss Julie blog is supposed to be about whatever but lately my grand daughter has taken over. Oh well, I just love being grandma!

Devin said...

Nina -it was eerie reading this!! I feel the same effin way-it seems that lately i have lost my voice with my blogs and my personal attempts at writing -well everything-I am starting to think I am suffering from depression that is worse than i am thinking it is or something-I havent felt like doing shit lately!! I have had a noisy neighbor prob since January and in April some other noisy assholes moved into the condo right next to them!! aaaggghh!! i just knocked on wood three times as it is once again friday night!! last weekend a football almost sailed thru my front window from people playing in the pool ( i live right next to the pool something i will never be stupid enough to do again best to you as always O and ps i kept the football!! it was on my porch and i didnt throw it back to them they didnt try to get it either haha!!

Nina said...

thank you, julie. i love looking at all of those adorable photos of kennedy! you post on what's important at the moment, and right now, that's being a grandmommy to that beautiful baby.

oh devin, i feeeeel your pain. loud neighbors can be such a source of unnecessary stress. we've had to engage w/the city and with landlords in the past to get our neighborhood to where it is today, which is, overall, quite peaceful. does the condo have a homeowner's association of some sort and/or condo rules? certainly the city has a noise ordinance (for those noises that are excessive or past a certain hour). i'd of kept the football too. lol

Devin said...

Thanks for your comment back Nina-I just had another insomnia night-and did an unexpected-sort of post-there is more to this story-that i will tell in the future-the good news is that this is a story that just may have a nice ending-it was quiet as a morgue here last night!! knock on wood!! and my fam and i have also contacted the HOA board (my mom actually joined board last week-she doesnt live here but she and dad own my condo) so hopefully things will not get to the "Rage stage" as I hope they dont with you-is there anything more obnoxious than a phoney -macho drunken young high school or college age male?? all the best to you and your family-and I hope you sleep in peace and quiet tonight!!