You're Worthy Only If You Have Money...And A Home.

Ok, so I don't believe in the value as proposed in the title...AT ALL...but the scum-sucking assholes who deserve to be piled high in a space craft and sent to the sun to be vaporized who control the System and therefore you and I (all knowingly and wilfully) in many ways that most simply don't wish to own up to much less even think about.........these ugly awful snakes believe in it. They believe in it, they promote it and they use YOU AND ME to keep their bullshit of a system going. And it is time for that to change. NOW. Not tomorrow. NOW. Today. THIS MOMENT.

In Flint, Michigan, there are over a thousand homes scheduled for demolition, many due to the foreclosure bullshit. VACANT HOMES SITTING EMPTY WHILE HOMELESS PEOPLE GO WITHOUT. THAT IS INSANE. And what's with this bullshit title of "abandoned homes due to foreclosure"??? People don't ABANDON their homes when foreclosed upon by the fucking corrupt dark forces of the banking cartel. THEY ARE FORCEFULLY REMOVED.

The parisitic nature of humanity repels me. Disgusts me. People feeding on people. It's horrific enough we feed on animals (I'm not a vegetarian although I really long to be--but my body suffers when I've tried so it's a conflict of morals within my being--I hope to evolve my body to a point where it no longer "needs" meat)--but to feed on one another. To use one another. To say "you gotta PROVE yourself through proving/doing__ in order to have __". INSANE. WHO IN THE FUCK GETS TO MAKE ALL OF THESE DAMN RULES?? WHO IN THE FUCK GETS TO TELL ME I GOTTA DO A B C AND D IN ORDER TO HAVE SOMETHING AS BASIC AS GOOD PAYING EMPLOYMENT OR A HOME???

Highlight the elite while ignoring those in need. Here in America, we look to some black dude as our new leader and become all giddy and downright stupid, suffering from illusionary-induced wet dreams in our mind because, WOW, he ain't Bush and WOW AGAIN, HE IS BLACK. Please. The man is whiter than most white people I know. He's an elitist who was groomed to be where he is and who he is.

We give more respect to people "in power", to those who have, than we do those in real need. That in a nutshell sums up our sickness as a species.

But that's who we have been groomed to be. To feed on each other.

To disregard one, to walk away when one is in need when you are in the position to offer some help.

That's who we have been groomed to be.

Hell is on earth. It has many faces. But there's the flip side. The notion of Heaven on earth.

While we may have been "groomed" to be so parasitic (in varying degrees), we're like hair in a way. We can simply train ourselves to wear a new style.

I simply cannot take one more moment of the ugly on this beautiful planet.

Can you?


benjibopper said...

gotta fight back, take it back for those who love it as you do.

ever read Derrick Jensen? this post reminds me of him, I think you'd enjoy his writing if you haven't already.

Devin said...

Very well thought out and great article about how we are all more or less trained to be "bottom feeders" whether we like it or not-great job Nina-great to see benji here also-Derrick Jensen is great and I found out about him through benji's blog-people (some are really no more than animals it seems-and i aint talking the lower classes-i am talking our leaders!) I really got my ass handed to me with this election-I voted for Obama cause he was anybody but Bush McCain-and that is how they get us every fucking time-I would so like to take back my 2004 vote for Sen Kerry and my 2008 vote for sen obama! I was always third party before that (not that that does a damn bit of good haha) and will return to that. I agree with everything you said here-sometimes i think "people" are no more than fucking dressed up alligators-look a bit nicer but have souls that look like shit! of course i am not talking all people as i know many great folks like yourself-but i have met and even been involved with many people over the course of my life that make me want to give up completely on humanity-great article as always Nina-i hope you and your family are having a beautiful weekend!! ps-I dont think "they" are quite done with the USA yet and wont be satisfied until theyve stolen everything including the proverbial drapes-i hope i am wrong.

Nina said...

i've never heard of derrick jensen but i will definitely check him out. thank you for the referral.

what do you two think needs to happen? i think about this often. some say peaceful noncompliance. true. but what do you do when the forces of the military or police are turned on you? how do you protect yourself against the technology of the PTB? against chemtrails and microwaves, emf's and the like that have real effects on our bodies? the numbers of people speaking out and/or taking direct action are growing. and yet the agenda and the system continues on its merry little way. some say remember who you are--embrace your eternal consciousness. very well said and done. but again--we're physical beings and we need to be able to protect ourselves.