Hump Day Obsies

*It's warm and humid today, with the weather acting like late summer with thunderstorms and high 80's. I don't like heat. I don't like humidity. Combined, I wilt. I'd probably have an easier time acclimating myself on the North Pole than I would anyplace south of the California border.

*I'm off sugar. Going on week number two. Sometimes I miss it, but overall, I'm doing well. Feeling better, actually. And back into a pair of shorts that just last month I couldn't even button. I also found an awesome substitute that has actual health benefits (anti-bacterial)--Xylitol. I made some almond cookies with it and found it to be even sweeter than regular sugar. Plus it bakes just fine up to 400 degrees. At this point, I don't know if I will ever return to sugar.

*We had some friends over last night and the talk turned to UFO's and the paranormal. Well ok, I turned the conversation in that direction as I simply love discussing such things, sharing my own experiences and hearing the experiences of others. There was a bit of a sceptic (at least to my recent experience) in the room who believed my recent UFO sighting was likely the Space Station. I listened as he explained himself and acknowledged that what he said made sense and was indeed plausible. However, I then asked him if the Space Station would ever head due north then suddenly head due east. That's when he got this blank look on his face, then smiled and shrugged and said "Hmmm." I know at times I've gotten a bit defensive about these experiences when others have either dismissed them or offered up their opinion of what they think it was, but last night I kept my mind open to another explanation.

I recalled an experience (non-ufo--or was it? hmmm) I had in early 1998, driving out in the country with a friend. I got the car stuck in some mud. I was suddenly overcome with a sense of calm. I just knew everything would be ok and we would be rescued and relayed this to my friend. Well, my friend wasn't as confident as I was. As I reached for my cell phone (the last time I had one), I found it dead. That was strange as I had just recharged it. So I charged it again but nope, it was still dead. I was still so calm inside and reassured my friend we would be ok. He was even less-confident at this point, asking how in the world could I be so calm and know we would be ok. He saw no evidence to the contrary.

Well, at that moment, this old white pick up truck appears, driven by an old man in a flannel shirt. He just happened to have some chains in the back of his truck. He never spoke a word, which was oddly comforting to me. He simply got out of his truck, wrapped the chain around my tow hitch and pulled me out. I tried thanking him but he simply behaved as though I wasn't even there. He then climbed back into his truck and headed off down the road in the opposite direction of which he came, taking a left at the end, to head back down one of those roads that disappear (meaning they seem to go forever--long and straight) into the countryside. I suddenly had this feeling we had just experienced something not of this world. Sensing the same thing, my friend and I ran down to the end of the road and looked off in the left. The truck was nowhere to be seen. There were no other roads for him to take a right or left on. It was as though he literally had vanished.

Well, I found the whole thing exhilirating and began to jump up and down, clapping my hands and squealing like a child. My friend wasn't as enthused and suddenly, with a state of panic in his voice, said "Get me out of here! YOU ARE WEIRD!" (He said that because I had been telling him about my experiences with the other world earlier in the evening.) So I took him home. I never heard from him again. lol

I still wish him well.

*The above photo was taken this afternoon. This is one thing to take advantage of when the weather is hot--outdoor doggie baths. She seems to be looking at me with all of that heartfelt intensity, but in reality, she's looking at her ball Mr. Nina is holding over my left shoulder.


Devin said...

You know Nina-you said something that I so tuned into with this article-ever since the news has gone from worse to horrid-the paranormal is almost the only thing i like to talk about!! I used to be huge on talking politics and the like-now i find it only depresses me and makes me feel angry and defeated -great article as always -o and yes I hate humidity also-we do have high temps here in az in the summer-but thank god on high the humidity is low!! otherwise i think i would collapse -no kidding-best to you and your family as always including the canine part!!

Nina said...

i try and remind myself (often falling off the wagon w/that one until something w/in me says STOP) that if it makes me feel good, do it. if not, don't.