Are You A Member of OPB? All Things Considered, You May Wish To Reconsider.

Here's a list of salaries for the higher-ups as e-mailed to me by a friend. How can these folks put on these pledge drives saying "waaa we neeeeeeeed money" and yet justify paying such wages? Just another example of the elite looking to the little people and asking for a hand-out. Fuck that. Make a statement. If you're an OPB member, cancel. If enough people do that, maybe then they'll start to employ some responsibility and reinstate AUTHENTIC public radio.


Julie said...

Speaking as someone who is unemployed, this pisses me off!

Nina said...

isn't it disheartening to see so much wealth that is not being shared w/those in need?? the gap is beyond comprehension. i have days where i'm just deep in the pits about the system that's been set up. we teach our children about sharing and yet when it comes to money.....nope. i'll give you the shirt off my back but you can't have that $5 in my wallet.