A Busy Weekend

A busy weekend. Wonderful sunshine. And sunburns. Bbq's. And ballplaying with dog. Garage sales. And lots of socializing with neighbors. Yardwork both days (both our yard and neighbors yard). And lots of time spent with the young niece of my next door neighbor's. This after we decided to spend the weekend reading only.

I was so tired, I forgot to take off my flip flops before showering earlier this evening. Noticed that in time. However, I also forgot to take off my glasses which I did not notice until after I got out. Didn't even notice I could see better. Didn't even notice the spots of water in front of my eyes. Noticed after I put my towel to my face and wondered "the what..."

I want to blame these blunders on the sunshine, but I think it's more accurate to blame them on being out of shape...

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