Random Thoughts On Current Day Stupidities

What the hell is up with this Miss California crap? Suddenly she goes from saying "No offense but I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman" yet then launches off on this public service campaign spouting the same message? She goes from a champion of the disabled to a champion of the homophobes?

Woops. That wasn't nice of me.

I know, I know. Support her right to say whatever she wants, no matter how ridiculous I think it is. However, I draw the line on her working to ensure gays and lesbians never have the right to marry. It's bullshit. It goes against not only the constitution of this nation but against the principles of F R E E D O M.

Speak all you want, sister. But STFU about forcing your beliefs onto others through laws restricting behavior. And to others like her, again, share your beliefs all you want, but STFU about putting YOUR beliefs into LAW or ensuring your beliefs keep current law in effect.

She claims she lost because of her comment. Bullshit. She lost because she was inarticulate not to mention completely lacking in her understanding of marriage laws whereby she, for the moment, thought America is a place where gays and lesbians are free to marry.

Thank god she has no plans to become a lawyer.

Now here's one you may not have heard. A gun-packing grandma took on some young adults who were being very aggressive and reckless in their driving. According to the young people, whoever was driving grandma's car (grandma was the passenger) was not obeying the speed limit. We've all experienced this frustration. People driving too slow (according to our own belief of what is too slow). However, sometimes we allow road rage to take over, causing us to do such helpful things like flipping off the driver, speeding up then slowing down, tailgating, getting in front of the driver then putting on the brakes, or driving by and giving the "what the hell is your problem" gesture with our arms. The young adults in the other vehicle did most of these things. That is until grandma, who given the phone call she made to 911 was very afraid, pulled out her glock and showed it to them. You can guess what happened. The young people (probably after wetting themselves) backed off.

Lessons learned. Be courteous and patient out on the roadways. And don't assume you can mess with grandma. You never know what she may be carrying in that glove compartment.

Lots of (long-needed) talk about legalizing weed to bring in much needed revenue in the State of California. This is leading to other talk about ending prohibition, which has done nothing but put innocent and nonviolent people in jail, costing tax payers billions of wasted dollars, not done a THING to stop the growing and consumption rates not to mention it's a complete violation of freedom for uncle sam or anyone for that matter to tell us what we can or cannot put into our bodies. Obama kind of shrugged off the question when asked, stating there are other things that can be more useful in helping to fix the economy.

Like what? Bailing out the banks? The auto industry? Yes, those have been brilliant ideas.

Legalize the damn plant already.

Speaking of Obama, that redhead from The View, Joy what's her name, claims Obama is doing a fantastic job.

(Hello, this is Nina's editor. Nina was last seen getting on a plane to Los Angeles where she planned on kicking Joy in the ass in order that she and all others like her may rethink her/their opinion of Mr. Sellout.)


Devin said...

Applause and double applause for this article Nina!!! I can't thank you enough for it-you also have a fantastic way of getting to the heart of the matter as nolocontendre does at piglipstick-this was wonderful!! best as always to you and your family-your friend always!!

Nina said...

<--bowing humbly.

thank you, dear.

Mike-Julie said...

I do enjoy reading your point of view. Applause from me too! I especially like the pistol packing Grandma!