Go To College. Graduate. Work For Minimum Wage.

I've been telling dipshit employer's like this one to "stick it" since graduating many moons ago. I certainly didn't intend to bust my ass for four years only to graduate and be told "it's minimum wage for you sweetie". I worked minimum wage jobs to pay my way through college in order that once I graduated, I would no longer have to do so.

My, how I was fooled as are so many of us.


Devin said...

Its very scary-I know my thoughts that the middle class in this nation is being destroyed intentionally would make me a "tinfoil hatter" to most people but thats the way I see it -if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck-you know the rest:-) best to you as always!!

Devin said...

Nina-Michael Skaggs has a great NWO video posted at The Hidden Agendas blog-I wish i could share his optimism-I just wanted to tell net friends about it-i have seen many of this type of vid before-but this one struck me as better than many of them-it lasts for ten minutes-all the best to you!!

Nina said...

you know, i had some folks (husband and wife around my parents age) tell me a few years back that they saw the intentional dismantling of the middle class in the late 70's. such a feat must be orchestrated slowly so as to not arouse too much suspicision. with the media now calling the current fiasco "our new economy", that is sending the message to the subconscious of the masses that "this is just how things are" which means: no one controls this. it's just happening on its own.

people like you and i know better though: it's alllllll created. i'm trying to embrace the idea that there is some silver lining in all of this in that it calls for each of us to question what we've been told about how to "make a living" and come up with new ways that come from our heart and natural creativity.

i'll have to check out the video. i'm on dial up so a 10 minute video would take an hour to upload but such things always interest me. thanks for commenting d-man!

Mike-Julie said...

I agree. My son is worried about this. He has two more years of college and hopes things gets better......Julie

Nina said...

Depending on his degree, if he's receiving grants and scholarships, I'd extend that degree as long as I could and explore self-employment or explore employment focused on new energy/new technology.

Anonymous said...

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