Hillary For President: Musings For A Monday

It's Tuesday of course, but these things happened yesterday. I of course would shudder to think of the idea of Hillary as President, so those aren't my words. They are the words of a very interesting young man who visited us yesterday. He comes by every year about this time representing an organization focused on world peace. We always have very interesting, fascinating conversations, ranging from aliens, dream travel, past lives to current events. He always speaks French to me, seemingly insisting I had a past life where I was French. I just stare at him blankly, smiling, and say "nope, nothing's registering". Although I gotta admit--the idea is appealing given I've always found French to be a most romantic, lovely language.

Given his reason for our visit, the talk soon turned to the political. He said that while he was excited Hillary was nominated for Sec. of State, he really wanted her to be president. I smiled and shook my head as I filled out one of his forms. He said something like "You didn't vote for her in the general election?" And I said "No." Ah, then I voted for Obama in the Primary. Again, I said, "No." He gave me a perplexed look, so I said "Democrat, Republican, it doesn't matter. They all answer to the same handlers." He nodded. I asked him if he was familiar with groups like The Bilderberger, the Council on Foreign Relations. Was he familiar with the concept of a new world order. The illuminati. He again nodded. I said if you really dove in and learned about those groups, you wouldn't have voted for Hillary. Or Obama.

And besides, all one needs to do is look at the large list of people once affiliated with the Clinton's who died "mysterious" deaths or committed "suicide", often after they were to share information about the Clinton's activities to others, to stop and ponder. Hmmm....

I know this--this guy is very well-intentioned with a very peaceful nature. He's been all over the world trying to work with world leader's to at least agree to one day where we recognize peace and I really admire him for this. At the time of our conversation, I said, when showed a letter from the President of Israel showing interest in the idea, "When Peres stops slaughtering Palestinian's, then I'll believe him." Words are easy to toss around. Action is where the truth lies in ones intentions. Anyway, our visitor agreed and yet said change must start with one step. Baby steps. At the moment, I agreed.

However, upon waking up, I thought of the people of Palestine. Try telling them the war will end--eventually. But first we must take baby steps. Perhaps hundreds if not thousands of them. Think that answer will be ok with them?

No, what we need are HUGE steps NOW. And not just in Palestine but all over the globe. Fuck this "do it slowly one step at a time" crap. And really, fuck trying to work with these leaders who want this violence to begin with in order that they may appease those creating the agenda for control.

War certainly doesn't always start in little baby steps. It often starts with massive movement and change and destruction--certainly to the innocent victims. Human's are capable of taking huge steps creating massive changes at a moment's notice. The potential is there, it's just a matter of changing such steps from the destructive to the helpful. We gotta break past this "baby step" lie we have told ourselves for far too long. It's all a choice. Just as one can pick up a weapon and use it, one can put it down and say "no" to the agenda of another/other's, to the killing of another that other's have said need to die because of x y and z reasons. Easy? Often not. Doable? You betcha.

Another lie we gotta stop telling ourselves--that Hillary Clinton would be a good choice for President.


Devin said...

Exactly Nina-always love your take on politics-I am back to try and get the right heading to link your post with from before-i guess i wrote down wrong info first-best to you as always!!

nolocontendere said...

I like to think that if Hillary was president now it would be exactly the same as it is now except that instead of people celebrating a black man in the office they'd be celebrating a woman.