MSM and Corporate America's Financial Advice: Pure Unadulterated Bullshit

There are many things with which I am fed up, one being this blathering insanity of pitching financial advice coming from the mouths of lamestream media and their corporate dark lords. All of this talk about "how to save in our new economy", yet there's nothing about the truth:

*declining wages
*grossly inflated cost of housing (which yes still does exist in many areas)
*ridiculous expense of health care and it's criminal partner health insurance
*ever-rising cost of food and energy

Put the blame on the victims. Typical system spin.

I'm fucking sick of getting this financial advice crap in my e-mail box from my bank, the evil doers who have raped and stolen from every one of us claiming THEY own the land while they haven't done a damn fucking thing to work the land, only to sit on their fat greedy, gluttonous asses in overly-done offices pushing around invisible money on paper and on a computer screen while claiming lordship over "who owns what".

These assholes really think I look to myself only as to my financial conditions???

I don't. And neither need you. Money has become even more difficult to come by and not because of anything you have done. It is a luxury because of what the banks have done and what the government's and heads of state have allowed these crooks to do.

And a big SHAME ON YOU to those wearing the journalist title. You're a dismal failure to every one of us who have ever counted on you to, you know, DO YOUR JOB. There are some good ones to be found though, interestingly enough called the "alternative" media. They continue to gain in attention, thankfully, as the masses start to awaken to their anger, awaken to new possibilities and awaken to how they've been duped since birth.

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