It Rained Today - Liquid Sunshine AND Puppies

One doesn't need to read the words on this blog to know I love dogs. The pictures alone express this love. Absolutely completely to the core of my being I simply love/adore/admire dogs. I always have. I always will. Hence, this little story...

I begrudgingly went out today with Mr. Nina to get some more garden supplies. Why begrudgingly? The weather was particularly nasty today. Cold. Very windy. Very wet. Plus, I gotta admit: I am a bit burned out with gardening--not with tending to it. With the shopping aspect of it. I've done quite a bit more researching/buying/planting since I first bored you to tears with my first entry a few weeks ago.

So as I said, it was wet. I opted not to take my umbrella. Unless I'm going for a walk, I don't take the umbrella much anymore. Maybe it's because I don't particularly care the way I once did about presenting myself to the world with wet/flat hair and smudged mascara. Today, I just took a jacket.

Well, considering we ended up standing outside at the local nursery in search of used garden pots of a particular variety, I soon realized I wish I had brought my umbrella. Plus I was wearing a rather blousy top (I know, what was I thinking???), which means once a few drops of water get on it, things show through the fabric. Ahem. Anyway, so I improvised by placing my jacket over my head, which meant I was pretty useless in picking out remaining garden pots, which didn't seem to please Mr. N. So, I made myself useful by getting the car and bringing it to the front of the store (which was preceeded with some under-the-breath comments tossed his way).

So he comes out, gets in the car. Asks why I didn't bring an umbrella. I'm getting wet. It's the northwest. Blah blah blah. I'm thinking "I should have stayed home." So we head to the next place. I almost stayed in the car, but instead opted to go inside. I still needed liquid fertilizer. I'm glad I did for I was greeted with the most fantastic enthusiasm by 3 dogs of varying ages and sizes.

The first to make it to me was a very intense, spastic, hyper, skinny little boston terrier mix puppy. If she could speak, her side of the conversation would have gone something like this "HI HI HI HI HI HI". And of course I fed her intense energy by cooing "hi baby! hi sweetie! oh yes aren't you the cutest little thing do you smell my puppy?" Once this little spaz machine's ADHD kicked in, whereby she zoomed off to explore something or someone else, I was slowly, sweetly greeted by the oldest of the clan, another female, border collie mix. This sweet, wise dear has been around the block once or twice, so she knew to let the little spaz get at me first. She'd simply be the lady in waiting, standing back quietly and patiently, waiting until the spaz machine got bored with me and decided to focus on something or someone else. Anything else. That moved.

She was correct.

Older dogs aren't into showing off or impressing as are the little puppies, so after a fairly brief greeting, she was off to lay down on her pillow.

So, I headed over to the fertilizer section and soon squatted down to look at the products on the bottom shelf. Suddenly, little spaz ball was there again, greeting me with the same enthusiasm, attacking me as though she had not just seen me a few moments prior. Again, if she could talk her side of the conversation would go something like this: "HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI". Just when I thought this little dog couldn't possibly express anymore energy did she do the cutest thing: she suddenly laid both of her front paws on my thigh, then rested her little head on top of them.

One of those moments where you wished you or someone else had a camera. One of those moments you wish you could freeze in time for an hour. Or a year. My heart melted even further.

Then, quick as a flash, she was off again to check on something or someone else. So, laughing and shaking my head, I went back to looking at the ferts on the shelf. I was startled a moment or so later by the feel of a soft, wet nose under my wrist. I looked down and there was yet another dog. At this point I laughed. Was I at the humane society or a garden store?

This one was also female. Small with silky soft long white hair with black markings. Very gentle. That is until little spaz ball saw me with this other dog and proceeded to race over to us, skidding on the concrete floor, and barged in between the two of us whereby dog number 3 gave her a good "hey you've already had your time with this human now it's my turn kid" talking to.

After that, I got up and walked around some more. I watched the 3 of them interact together. Little spaz still learning who is the alpha female. She seemed to realize it is not going to be her, although that didn't stop her from trying.

What a treat this was for me. As I asked the owner, "Is it ok if I come back just to hang out with the dogs?" It was an experience for which was worth standing in the rain.


Devin said...

Great article Nina-very heartwarming!! What would we do without our pets and animals?? best to you as always!!

Mike-Julie said...

I don't know what I would do without my sweet dogs. Nice article!

Nina said...

how i wish i'd had a camera that day to post pictures!