I Want To Live Here.

Or someplace exactly like this.

Log home. Tucked into the trees. Lake and/or stream nearby. The only noise coming from forest creatures. Aaahhh. City living has done burned me out. I'm ready for a change!


Julie said...

I would love to live there too. My hubby and I have often talked about getting a cabin in the woods, then eventually retiring there. I guess that will have to wait until I get a job...bummer!

Nina said...

isn't that cabin beautiful?? my hubby and i also talk about living in a cabin in the woods. it's been a dream of ours for almost 10 years now. i have pictures and figurines of such scenery at our house to keep it fresh in my mind and heart. i think part of the reason why i sooooo long for self-employment (or wealth) is so i can live in such a place in some little small mountain town.