Labor Day. Religion Day?

Labor Day. The day dedicated to workers. The day that is to be free of work. While I am all for days free of any type of work, especially if that work is being used to make another wealthy, this got me to thinking. How about a day free of religion? A Religion Day. Rest from Religion.

No preaching. No quoting from the bible or whatever text you read/follow. No leaving little leaflets on the doors of sinners yet to be saved. No standing in front of a pulpit screaming about hell fire and sin whilst that vein on your forehead threatens to burst open. Even a day of no focused prayer.

Imagine that!

Religion of course infiltrates all parts of society, but lately I've noticed it more than usual. With the upcoming election, each candidate tries to one-up the other with biblical quotes and how much they love Jesus Christ and follow the tenets of Christianity. While I would love to hear just one candidate say "My religion is love" or "My religion is truth", or even "YOUR CHURCH LEADERS HAVE BEEN LYING TO YOU", this is doubtful to happen here in America.

We watched a documentary on some of the top events that could equate to the end of life on earth as we know it. It had my interest until words and terms like "the bible" and "armagaddeon" and "God's wrath" began to be incorporated into it. Yep. If life on this planet ends, it will be due to God's will. Excuse me, God's wrath.

I hesitate gatherings of new folks for this very reason. I inevitably end up meeting someone and given who I am, I like to talk about things outside of the cocktail party dialogue, I encounter someone who is Christian and then, when I mention things like God or the Universe, they automatically assume I am Christian, too. Nope. Sometimes there's a questioning. But you believe in God.

Uh huh.

And you believe in the message of Jesus.

Uh huh.

But you're not Christian. ??

That's right.

How can that be is the look received.

Do you have a few hours? Let me explain...

I need to design a t-shirt for such events in my life. Something with a saying like "Religion is the Original Sin" or "God Is Cool. Your Church Is Not."

Religion Day. A day free of religion. Instead we think for ourselves and ourselves only and share what we uncover with one another. This removes the need to judge and fear and brings us closer to peace.

Even Jesus would give that a mark of approval.

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Pugs in Space said...

"Religion is the Original Sin" or "God Is Cool. Your Church Is Not."

I LOVE this Nina!