Wake Up Crowd Needs Some Waking Up, Too

I was inspired to write this after reading a piece from what I call the "wake up" crowd--those of us who believe there's a global agenda for continual war, global domination and the reduction in the human population, amongst other things. In fact, my original idea for a new blog entry was going to contain some rather insulting and hurtful jabs at those for whom I believe are giving way too much attention to this Palin teen pregnancy situation. But something called me in a different direction instead.

Back to these wake up crowd pleas. These pieces I read are very passionate and full of great thoughts. Behind each one is a plea to those not in the wake up camp to WAKE UP AND JOIN OURS.

An understandable plea. One I've engaged in myself. And as mentioned above, something I almost did again today, even though it was perhaps spouting a different sort of pov.

Today wasn't anything new for me, for such new thoughts have been prompting me for the last several months, causing me to look at my own behavior in all of this. I've been studying things such as cause and effect and perception. As such, despite my own cries to others to 'wake up', I have also needed some of my own 'waking up'. The following are some such thoughts that have been allowing me to further expand and awaken.

Point number 1:
When trying to influence someone to view things from your pov, it's helpful to know your motivation(s). What do you wish to accomplish? This is a thoughtful activity, one requiring complete honesty, self-discipline/effort requiring the release of judgment for self and others, and importantly, not to be done when already distressed/upset. This takes great effort, but I believe it's well worth any potential pain and struggle.

Point number 2:
If one of your motivations is to truly influence others to view things from your perspective, to agree with you even, well then casting insults, name calling and other (potentially) hurtful behaviors ultimately fails in the end. Human defensiveness kicks in and insults are tossed back to the other side and continue like a ping pong game. The original topic and agenda usually gets lost and hurt takes center stage. See point number 1 and perhaps rethink your motivation/agenda, for sometimes while your original motivation may have been to seek camaraderie through peace, our own issues sometimes kick in, followed by old behavior. But hey, it's all a great opportunity to heal some of those old wounds and I think that's pretty important in this ongoing movement to create a free and peaceful world.

Point number 3:
Truth is a tricky thing to nail down. Conclusions are, in the end, formed from perspective. Perspective is formed from a persons experiences and is the result of ones values, beliefs, morals and the like. Take an issue. ANY issue. It doesn't matter. You will always have people arguing their pov to the end, each side offering up studies and statistics and other things to back up their opinion. As someone I know brilliantly said: "Even Hitler was right. According to his own beliefs and such, he was right." While most would agree he was ill, many even saying a puppet, his agenda absolutely contrary to the concepts of peace and love, you simply cannot truthfully say he was wrong not when you embrace that how we view life is based on perception.

Point number 4:
Continuing along that train of thought, there is no right or wrong. Again, it's opinion based on perception. The only creatures who judge and label are people. Certainly that's what life has shown us anyway. If The Universe/God/All There Is/whatever you to call It really cared about what we humans do, cared in such a way as to form strict guidelines for what is right or wrong, we would either all be banned from inhabiting this planet by now, or at least be banned from wearing these physical bodies whereby we would be sitting in some ethereal classroom or solitary confinement being taught how to love. Certainly life already allows for this awakening--on our own--without external judgment from that energy we're all a part of.

All of the above being said, I'm certainly not advocating that we sit back and do nothing when we believe we are witnessing any sort of harm or abuse. Our passions speak to us for a reason. They tell us who we are. They motivate us to seek love and peace and all of those behaviors and characteristics these entail--respect, tolerance, kindness, freedom etc.. While they may originally make themselves known in anger and the need to control and dominate, ultimately the core motivation is love. The main point I'm trying to make here is that trying to convince someone who is absolutely set in his/her belief to change it is a very difficult task. But it can be done. And I believe that recognizing and embracing the previous 4 points (there are likely others) introduces the behaviors of compassion, acceptance and openness into the dialogue. And that is what is needed to defeat any sort of destructive agenda, for these behaviors UNITE. While for some occasions quick action is needed to ensure the harm and abuse against an unwilling person or persons is stopped, if peace is what we really want, we all need to know that peace, feel it, believe it and live it.

While I can't say with complete truth and absolute certainty that Love Is All There Is, I can say that this is what I want and wish for.

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