UFO Over Corvallis Skies Last Night

Mr. N and I decided to lay out under the skies last night and star/satellite/ufo gaze. We do this quite often during the warmer months. Most of the time we only see a shooting star or two and some satellites. Last night though, you can add in a UFO. Mr. N saw it first. At 11pm in the NNE, heading south, he saw what looked to be like a satellite or two moving in unison. He told me to look in that direction and at the same time, we both saw point of light #3 and saw it was a triangle shaped object. And it was massive. We immediately jumped up off of our sleeping bag and watched it for several and I mean several minutes. It was moving very slowly to the south. After a few minutes we saw a faint white glow along the edges and then it left the atmosphere.

Trying to ascertain the size of such a craft is very difficult. The way we describe it to others (this is UFO triangle #4 for us) is to put your forefingers together and your thumbs together and form a triangle. That is the approximate size as we see it in the skies. Now considering a regular jet liner may take up the size of a pinky tip, you know what we saw and have seen is massive indeed. Trying to ascertain the elevation is even more difficult. It was definitely higher in elevation than any jet liner. Given how vast the universal skies are, I am not even going to venture a guess.

For those who have never seen anything of the kind and wish to do so, my advice is to sit outside at night and plan on being out for at least 30 minutes. Pick an area or two in the sky and simply focus on it. That's how we've seen such objects. Most of the objects we've seen have been after 10pm. And each one has caught us by surprise. That's probably the best part, when you aren't expecting to see it!

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