Per$pective: All In A Day. Black Monday.

Given "black" is actually a GOOD thing financially speaking and being in the "red" is not, I don't see why they call days like today "Black Monday" when "Red Monday" is more appropriate. Likely the "black" means the higher ups, who already sold their stock, are getting out unscathed.

These are some of the things I heard today whilst the tv was on in the background.

*Dow takes biggest hit since 9/11.

*Lehman Brothers tanks and files for Chapter 11.

*Merrill Lynch is bought out (eaten up) by Bank of America.

*AIG (American International Group) is looking for some $$ to rectify its balance sheet.

*CNN News Anchor says conditions such as this haven't been seen since the start of the Great Depression. (You know when the word "Depression" is being tossed around by the MSM, it's already here. They're just simply preparing folks for more to come. I wonder if Big Pharma will start marketing anti-depressant's for the economy.)

*Talk Show spending an hour talking about surviving the financial crisis, where advice such as "sell the house" and "get another job" are the best tips the "experts" have to offer. Of course there is no mention of the SYSTEM or of the CONTROL'S put in place by BEHIND THE SCENES PEOPLE to CREATE such conditions.

*Walmart CEO was said to be spending the day giggling hysterically while prancing around one of his 25,000 square foot mansions, spitting on his hired help, knowing that the more the economy tanks and the more people become unable to spend their money on high-cost, quality products, they will start visiting their local Walmart in increasing numbers. He was also said to have made a call to one of his Sweat Shops in Bangaladesh, whereby he demanded the Manager hire more pre-teen girls to sew the clothes. Such labor costing Mr. CEO $1.00/day per slave, er seamstress, with a turn-around retail price of $16.95 per item.

All In A Day, In America.

Right now, I'm headed off to play with the puppy dog and make some spaghetti and a nice green salad for dinner. Do some praying and uplifting intentions. And continue to hope that people not panic and remember: We can make it through anything together. Where there once was a way of life, another can be built. Better. Stronger. Healthier. Happier. It is possible. It always has been and always will be.


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