A Declaration of Sexy

Embrace Your WOW! Factor Ladies

i do declare.....
we start a trend....
of sexiest women over age 40.

for enough of this
who is hottest
under 30 crap.

for it is indeed crap.
stinky garbage
of false words
said to make up
the truth
of what's ok
and what is not.

over 40 is where it's at.
so says i.
over 40 is hot hot hot
where mindless chatter
of perky bosoms
is not not not.

beauty can only rise
where experience
is gleaned.

for wisdom
is the result
of inner truth
meeting such experience.

so who again sayeth you loseth your hotness factor after 40?
not i.
not i.

so it isn't emerson. big deal. much better than the filth of financial news being batted around like an out-of-control pop fly.


crallspace said...

The term "milf" has completely and totally redefined and accentuated hotness over 40.

I'd say that term alone has accounted for millions of men to look at women 35-55 in a whole new light, whereas before, it was 30 and under, that's it!

Pugs in Space said...

Sing it sister, Nina is bringin' sexay back!