Let's Stop Being Upset

You know how the line from "Listen To The Music" goes: "Don'tcha feel it growin', day by day. People, gettin' ready for the news. Some are happy. Some are sad. Let the music play."

By now, most of us have been able to feel that growing distress based on the sounds and sights of economic crumbling, not to mention the ongoing drama of yet another political election season. We feel it at every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Thought is energy and what we're doing is spreading heavy, unhealthy energy to one another.

It's time to stop. Take a deep breath. Slow it down some. And ask ourselves: Is any of this really all that surprising? By getting upset what we're really doing is expecting a different outcome. And yet, really, how can we really expect a different outcome by now? The game playing and manipulation are obvious. Time to remove the masks. Time to remove the expectations. Time to cease being so upset. Worry. Fear. Rage. These states of thinking and being only deplete us. They're not the catalysts for change. They keep us focused on what's not working instead of what COULD BE.

Of course, like the song lyric goes, some are happy. CEO's of companies like Walmart, the Elite Ruling Class, the Puppetmasters and their Puppets in Business, Government and "Secret" Societies" are calm and happy. Well ok maybe not happy in the way a healthy individual would describe as authentic happiness, but they certainly aren't worried or distressed. (Psychopaths and those incapable or unwilling to experience empathy are incapable of experiencing authentic happiness.)

Aren't you tired of reading about Wall Street? Worn out from following the election drama? Fed up with the news on the ongoing wars? I am. Diving in and swimming in that murky, dark, heavy filth isn't healthy. Preparedness and awareness have their place of course as long as a balanced state of mind/body/being is created.

So what's a person to do? Well to begin with, limit exposure to all of the chaos and ugliness. Scanning the headlines for a minute or two is sufficient enough to keep yourself in the know. Then spend the rest of your time normally devoted to the crap to understanding your needs, speaking with others about the same, and then create small communities of individuals to gather with regularly and talk about how we are going to go about meeting those needs.

We have a System that's been built on lies and darkness. However, that is just part of reality. Certainly that is just ONE potential reality in an endless possibility of others. When groups of people form together, creating new things (from how we feed/clothe/shelter/provide for ourselves for starters), and most importantly KEEP ON GOING, resisting outside influence peacefully and assertively, in time said System will have no choice but to change with the time. Or collapse altogether. People, the time is now to start recognizing our power, our hidden inner selves. The time is NOW to start relying on each other instead of on whoever has the most power, money and the most impressive title.

Whether it's people, other wordly beings, or combination of both who are displaying the Oz-like behavior, that need never stop us from doing what we know is possible: Turning this beautiful planet into a paradise. Like it or not, we're here. We chose to come here. Regardless of how falsely influenced we were in that decision, we made the choice. I don't know about you, but I have a deep sense of needing to take care of this planet and its inhabitants by helping us all remember who we really are and what can be. Such changes we desire to see may not happen in our lifetime, but once the awakening begins, it cannot stop. Like a pebble tossed out in the ocean, it carries an energy to it that never ends. It's already begun. Let's keep it going.

Through love in action we can have paradise. It's our potential. It's who we are and it's truly all we have.

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Pugs in Space said...

Beautiful post Nina. Full of real truth and very lovely.