Pre-Election Humor To Inspire

Pre-election humor. Pre-electile dysfunction. Call it what you want. Going through my vast collection of writings in an attempt to put together something resembling "organization" so that I may actually DO something ($$) with it, I stumbled upon this little piece I wrote, um, well I'm not sure when I wrote it. It was obviously written after 2001, given I did not carry this level of awareness or anger politically speaking prior to that time. Maybe the folks at The Daily Show could use it. It's a poem, lyrics if you will, inspired by Twas The Night Before Christmas. Here ya go...

Twas The Night Before The Election

Twas the night before the election
and all through Uncle Sam's house...

Not a creature was stirring
except for a real louse.

Stealing from the stockings
of the poorest of the poor...

While grinning and chanting
"Gimme more! Gimme more!"

Pork barrel programs.
Tax relief for the rich.

Lavish conventions and parties
and other useless shit.

Until that day
when a new breeze began to blow.

Mr. and Mrs. America began to shout
"We ain't gonna take this anymore!"

This is our land.
Our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We're taking it back
and we're prepared to fight.

For we outnumber you.
We're awake and we're strong.

You may think you own this land.
But we're here to tell you: YOU ARE WRONG.

(c) Me 2000 something.

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Pugs in Space said...

"Pre-electile dysfunction"

bbwhwhaaaa very funny!